Inspiration | September 18

I downloaded the Paper app this week and the calligraphy tool is AWESOME. I just drew a word using my finger and it looked so beautiful. I’m excited to try out the other functions too.

My friend Jess started a beautiful basics company called Free Label! I’m so excited about their gorgeous, bamboo cotton shirts.

A simple but probably very difficult to implement practice that I want to try: the 50 minute phone rule.

Elizabeth Gilbert interviewed Brené Brown on Magic Lessons this week and it was so wonderful.

I discovered the (now closed) blog Young House Love this week through Jess Lively’s podcast and loved seeing all their past house tours. Also, the episode was all about walking away from “success” because it doesn’t fit with your true values which I found very inspiring as well.

Such a lovely closet.

I put all five of these books on my reading list.

Last weekend we went to the Toronto Veg Food Fest and it was so great. We recapped our favourite presenters and food on the podcast here.


The days have been quiet around here lately, and I’m not complaining. I like to walk up and down the long driveway and around the house, stopping to pet the cat sometimes or harvest any new cherry tomatoes that have come in. I listen to podcasts while I make my lunch and work on my computer at the sunny kitchen table. I have dinner with my family every night and then spend the long evenings reading. This time at home, especially during such a beautiful summer, has been so special to me. I’m off on another adventure shortly (more on that soon!) so having this simple, normal, lovely time with my family has been a gift. I’m trying to savour and appreciate all of it.

This weekend my sister and I are taking a roadtrip to spend time with our grandparents, which should be great. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

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