Inspiration | September 11

A beautiful article about quality time, why it can’t be scheduled, and how we need to just show up and be around. This one hit close to home for me.

Some serious food for thought about giving up refined sugar.

An excellent article about mental errors that may sway us from making good decisions.

This post definitely inspired me to get back into writing more.

When I was in New York, I used these city guides and ended up going to so many awesome places.

I like the idea of “no regrets” purchases.

This is such a balanced, lovely nighttime routine.

I really want to see Les Bosquets and The Danish Girl. And I still haven’t seen Inside Out!


I spent the long weekend visiting a friend in New York City. We laughed constantly, ate a lot of delicious food, and saw a ton of NYC, Brooklyn and even Long Island. It was amazing to see her again and to spend more time in such a magical city. This weekend I’ll be heading down to Veg Fest, then going to visit my grandma on a road trip with my sister. It should be a great one. Hope yours is excellent as well!

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