This Spring, I helped my Grandmother organize her extensive paperwork relating to her numerous charitable donations for the year. I’d always known that she and my own parents donated regularly to charities throughout the year but I remember being surprised (in the best possible way) to see how often and how generously she gave. I was ashamed, since last year I had made only one donation, some ten dollars to a friend’s fundraising effort. I’ve since made it a personal goal of mine to give buy viagra online in new zealand money to causes I support and respect, at least once a month. I’m sharing my chosen causes below just in case you’re curious.

May 2014
The White Ribbon Alliance
Pencils of Promise

June 2014
It Gets Better Project
Kids Help Phone

July 2014
The Malala Fund
Canadian Women’s Foundation

August 2014
Compassion Care ALS
Ferguson Fund, United Way of Greater St. Louis

September 2014
Future Former Millionaire
Pencils of Promise

October 2014
CIBC Run For The Cure

November 2014
Access Alliance

December 2014
Christmas Gift Drive for Busan Orphanages

January 2015
Book Aid International
Grace on Kiva

February 2015
Passport | Pencils of Promise
Care Lockbox

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