The 22 List

  1. Grow out my nails and get a manicure
  2. Run a race ?
  3. Make cheese at home
  4. Stay in a hotel and order room service
  5. Get a food blog post accepted to Tastespotting
  6. Become a penpal ?
  7. Read one Jane Austen novel
  8. Start a book club ?
  9. Make sushi ?
  10. Sew a dress ?
  11. Get a pet fish
  12. Send someone a care package ?
  13. Create a podcast ?
  14. Take a self-imposed break from the Internet ?
  15. Do a juice detox
  16. Take a photography class or workshop
  17. Grow herbs and cherry tomatoes ?
  18. Climb a tree ?
  19. Travel somewhere new ?
  20. Make cinnamon buns ?
  21. Self-publish a cookbook
  22. Have a tarot reading done

12 thoughts on “The 22 List”

    1. Why thank you! And, I might be biased, but I think that those are the best things in life… :) Thanks for reading!

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  4. Steph your blog is so insightful and wise, I don’t know how you do it ! (well, I kinda do… cause I know you personally… and you’re great :) ) I have been following it and love what you do. Keep it up. Amazing recipes !

    1. Stephanie Pellett

      Sam!!! Hi girl, so nice to hear from you. :) Thanks for your sweet comment, it means a lot that you like the blog! Glad you’re enjoying it, I love doing it and I’m always happy to hear that people enjoy it. Hope you’re well! xoxo

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