Inspiration | September 25

The truth about uncertainty. This one really hit home for me.

Liz Gilbert + Marie Forleo = (big) magic! I adore them both, and this interview was jam-packed full of awesome content.

How have I never read Ask Polly before? Powerful words about “success” and “failure”.

Gorgeous pictures of New Orleans and gorgeous words about marriage.

This post should be required reading about love + ‘The One’. I love it so much I revisited it this week.

I read Rising Strong this week, took copious notes, and felt like a much better person afterwards.

I read a lot about commonplace books this week and was so inspired to start keeping a more structured one. I especially liked this article and this one.

I love these beautiful sunglasses made from recycled nylon fishing nets.

Ryan Adams’ cover of 1989 is so good.

One day, I’ll make this quilt of my dreams.


So here’s where I tell you about my next exciting adventure: I’m going to Ecuador for the next few months! I’ll be living in Quito, teaching yoga, working remotely with The Red Tent Sisters, producing the podcast, and most importantly spending quality time with the wonderful man I met in India.

I wasn’t planning to leave home again so soon after so long of being away. But that’s the funny thing about life…you can’t really plan it. If I’m honest, I’m nervous – this is the first decision I’ve made that factored in another (awesome) person and I have no idea how it’s going to go (although, do we ever know how anything is going to go?). But I’m trying to live with an open heart and an open mind and trying to embrace all the new opportunities that come my way. Wish me luck!

I’m flying out early next week and will be back mid-December for the holidays. This time at home has been just the perfect amount to reconnect with all my loved ones, spend some good solid quality time, eat my favourite foods, read and relax. And now that it’s back-to-school season, it feels like the perfect time to start my next great safe adventure too.

Have a wonderful weekend! xo.

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