New Photos in the Shop!

Path of the Gods Watermark

I finally got my act together this morning and posted four new photo listings to my travel photography shop. You can shop them right here!

The photos I chose were a mix of recent ones and a couple from last year during my time in Italy (which I will never get over, as long as I live). I now have a print available of one of my absolute favourite photos from Kyoto, Japan – the time I spent there is still so dreamy in my memory. I have a print of one of the hundreds of stunning, quiet canals of Venice. There’s a recent favourite of a lighthouse I took right here in beautiful Busan where I’m currently living. And, of course, there’s the one above, a signpost from the Path of the Gods on the Amalfi Coast of Italy.

If there are any photos you’ve seen on here my blog or on my Instagram that you’d like to get as a print, let me know and I’ll try to either make it available in the shop or do a custom order for you.

Happy wanderlusting!

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