Inspiration | March 7

I immediately downloaded all of the fonts from this list I didn’t already have. They’re so beautiful! 

Some truly wise, wonderful words from Ira Glass for all kinds of creators. 

I thought the Oscars were sort of meh, but I loved these gorgeous portraits taken at the Vanity Fair after party. 

I really needed to read this post about writing + it’s packed full of great tips. 

This post, How to Have a Great Life Without Spending a Lot of Money, was just so smart and intuitive and feel good

I adored this article on scientifically proven ways to be incredibly happy. Most of it I’d heard already, but they put a good spin on the information and added some fresh extra details. 

From the same website, I loved the 7 qualities of uber-productive people, especially #2: “they see fear the way other people view lunch”.

This little infographic on ways to engage with creativity was sort of paradigm-shifting: it stopped me from thinking that creation is always better than consumption and set it up more like a continuum. I’m on a huge Austin Kleon kick these days, I love his work + ideas. 

Over at Guinea Pigging Green, I reviewed one of my favourite vegan restaurants!


By the time you read this, I’ll be in Korea! Happy weekend, everyone. 

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