On Running a Triathlon

Ha! Nope, I am not suddenly a triathlete, but over on the podcast today we’re talking to a friend of ours who is.

I think one of my favourite things about having a podcast is that I have a handy little excuse to reach out to people I basically just want to talk to about something awesome they’re doing in the world. If I meet someone new and find them interesting, I tend to ask them about a million questions and usually my curiosity is still not satisfied. Not so on a podcast! This is one of the many reasons I’m (always) considering creating a new podcast to give me the chance to talk to a whole new group of people.

Sometimes, too, I get to reach out to old friends which is twice as nice. I knew Marina in university – we had lots of mutual friends and did a few science labs together. She’s followed my blog a bit in the past and I keep track of what she’s doing on Facebook. When I saw her post a picture of herself after a triathlon I was totally blown away! I finally reached out a few weeks ago and she was more than happy to come on the show and talk to us about how to approach running triathlons as a beginner. We learned so much and it was all so fascinating and totally inspiring.

You can listen to the episode right here.

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