22 Before 22: Make Sushi

Remember my birthday list? Well, I’m pleased to report that in just a few months of being 21 I’ve checked a couple biggies off. I have the podcast up and running, I’ve corresponded twice already with my pen pal, I’m halfway through Pride and Prejudice, and my friend and I have grown basil and cherry tomatoes – I just have to put some photos up for posterity!

And then, of course, are the “make” goals: I tend to make the quickest progress with those, for some reason. Cinnamon buns, check! And now: sushi. I loved the process of making both these, and I’m hoping that when I make cheese, it will be equally fun.

My friend Billy (longtime fan of my blog, awesome Ultimate Frisbee player and sushi master extraordinaire) offered to bring the supplies for sushi creation to a potluck that another friend was having. I leaped at the idea, and found myself making my very own sushi (and eating a lot of his). I bought calrose (aka sushi) rice at the grocery store yesterday, and am really looking forward to making more sushi sometime soon.

I learned a couple important things about the process. First, the rice should be (if possible) not too sticky. We added rice vinegar to ours, and I think that helped. Second, adding brie cheese into the rolls is a revelation! Seriously, try it and see for yourself. Brie/mango? Perfect. I also learned that you should not be afraid of pressing hard when you’re rolling, and that a recently-sharpened knife will really help in slicing perfectly. Finally, rolling the nori sheets around the rice and filling is infinitely easier than rolling the rice around the nori and filling. Even if it’s a little less pretty, perhaps.

So much fun. I’m so happy that I’ve done this one! Now back to reading Austen.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!


2 thoughts on “22 Before 22: Make Sushi”

  1. I helped a friend of mine make sushi one time (helped as in tried to eat them as fast as she made them). It was SO GOOD. She made spicy tuna sushi, which was so delicious. She promised she was going to teach me to make some :)

    1. You should take her up on that offer! I can’t wait to make it again. I am obsessed with sushi, so learning to make it is the best (and maybe worst) thing in the world. :D

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