Inspiration | March 14


“I want to feel my life while I’m in it” – Meryl Streep. I’ve been trying to make this my motto lately. 

Joy the Baker moved across the country from LA to New Orleans at about the same time I moved across the world from home to Busan, and I’ve been enjoying her writing about making a new home for yourself in a brand new place and the kinds of emotions that come up. You can read her thoughts here, here and here

Also relevant to my big move to a new apartment was this great post on “happy-fying your home”

I adored this post about finding the little blisses everyday that are truly what make up a happy life. 

Jessica from How Sweet Eats shared her inspiration on Instagram & Pinterest and her favourite iPhone apps. I love lists like these, so I was all over it. Also, her personal inspiration board on Pinterest is gorgeous. 

Leo, as always, telling it like it is: Becoming Emotionally Self-Reliant. So important but so hard. 

This article gave me a new perspective for dealing when things get tough. 

10 Painfully Obvious Truths Everyone Forgets Too Soon – some really good stuff in here! I particularly like #9, especially the part about creating your own culture. 

I really want to make the following: black bean & quinoa burgers | spicy tamari tofu & broccoli | chunky chocolate buckwheat granola

Two of my favourite Instagram accounts right now are @kimgenevieve (she takes the prettiest, happiest, brightest pictures) and my friend @isabellehc who has gotten really into Instagram lately and is posting some really beautiful things. 


This weekend I’m planning to check a couple things off my Korean bucket list including visiting Spaland and a big beautiful hike. Have an amazing weekend! 

2 thoughts on “Inspiration | March 14”

  1. I just wanted to thank you for the post on my question about Uni (for some reason I can’t comment on that post?) It was awesome, totally calming and strangely well timed as I never ended up going to university last year but I’m going this year and definitely needed to read all that you wrote. So thanks for taking the time to write it, it was most greatly appreciated!

    – Ruby

    1. stephaniepellett

      Hi Ruby! Sorry about the issue with the comments, it should be working now. I’m so glad you liked the article, I’m sorry it took so long for me to address it properly! Time flies. But that’s awesome that it ended up being well timed anyways. I’m so happy it could help even a little bit. It’s going to be great! Thanks again for reading. :)

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