Inspiration | March 14


“I want to feel my life while I’m in it” – Meryl Streep. I’ve been trying to make this my motto lately. 

Joy the Baker moved across the country from LA to New Orleans at about the same time I moved across the world from home to Busan, and I’ve been enjoying her writing about making a new home for yourself in a brand new place and the kinds of emotions that come up. You can read her thoughts here, here and here

Also relevant to my big move to a new apartment was this great post on “happy-fying your home”

I adored this post about finding the little blisses everyday that are truly what make up a happy life. 

Jessica from How Sweet Eats shared her inspiration on Instagram & Pinterest and her favourite iPhone apps. I love lists like these, so I was all over it. Also, her personal inspiration board on Pinterest is gorgeous. 

Leo, as always, telling it like it is: Becoming Emotionally Self-Reliant. So important but so hard. 

This article gave me a new perspective for dealing when things get tough. 

10 Painfully Obvious Truths Everyone Forgets Too Soon – some really good stuff in here! I particularly like #9, especially the part about creating your own culture. 

I really want to make the following: black bean & quinoa burgers | spicy tamari tofu & broccoli | chunky chocolate buckwheat granola

Two of my favourite Instagram accounts right now are @kimgenevieve (she takes the prettiest, happiest, brightest pictures) and my friend @isabellehc who has gotten really into Instagram lately and is posting some really beautiful things. 


This weekend I’m planning to check a couple things off my Korean bucket list including visiting Spaland and a big beautiful hike. Have an amazing weekend!