Inspiration | March 21

DSC_0003These three questions that determine if you have long-term potential with someone as a romantic partner are quirky and seem silly, but at the same time I have pretty strong answers to all of them, so maybe they’re on to something! (For the record, my answers: I hate them. Yes, and it was wonderful. Yes, but only if we could still find ways to work, be creative, and contribute.)

The number I’ve read of this list of self-improvement books is pretty low, but it’s made my “to-read list” much longer. 

I’ve never been that into makeup but I must have watched 30 of the videos from this Youtube channel this week. 

This interview on MarieTV with the founder of Pencils of Promise both touched and inspired me. 

I liked this interview with Austin Kleon, especially the quote “you’re only as good as your last post”. 

Reading about this notebook made me positively giddy. I am such a paper person but I also love having everything organized on the computer…#geek

I want to make and eat these things: Baked Carrot Cake Oatmeal | Double Chocolate Chip Banana Bread | Chilled Chocolate Torte | Grain Free Chocolate Granola

This episode of the TED Radio Hour made me cry. 

I loved these 6 minute minimalist workouts. Simple but effective. 

I’ve also been filling my brain with lots of podcasts lately. I’ll be sharing my favourites on Monday! 


This weekend I have plans to go for a hike, get to the beach, and explore a beautiful temple. The weather is supposed to be really lovely too, and I’m excited! Have an awesome weekend. 

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