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Welcome to Life In Limbo!

This blog is my cozy little corner of the internet, and it’s where I share thoughts, travel tips, recipes, photos, books I’ve loved, ideas, and inspiration.

About Me

My name is Stephanie. I’m 26 years old, trilingual (English, French + Spanish), and vegetarian. I live in Toronto, Canada and provide creative support to small businesses.

 Over the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to have several different adventures. I went to McGill University in Montreal for my Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and Women’s Studies, and worked at a sweet restaurant in the heart of the city. Right after graduating, I took a 3 month solo backpacking trip through Europe – you can see all my travel posts from that time here.

Then, starting in the March of 2014, I spent a year living abroad in Busan, Korea, teaching English to children. After my year of teaching, I travelled through Southeast Asia for 2 months and then did my 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India. In India, I met a great guy and decided to pursue a relationship with him by moving to Quito, Ecuador. While ultimately that relationship didn’t work out, it was a beautiful experience and I feel so blessed to have gotten to live in such a vibrant country (and to learn Spanish!). Then, in October 2016, I moved home to Toronto to build a life close to my family.

What else? Well, I just launched a new podcast called the Life In Limbo podcast about building a life you love! I also used to host Guinea Pigging Green where my co-host and I talked about all things health & wellness in a fun, down-to-earth way.

I’m an Aries, an INFJ, and an eldest child. I love big ideas & positivity. I think creating is more important than criticizing. I spend most of my money on books and going out to eat. I’m an old soul and I adore meeting kindred spirits. Right now, I’m taking a lot of photos of beautiful places, eating delicious food, and thinking about the next steps in my life.

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Don’t hesitate to reach out – really! I have met so many incredible people through my blog, and it has been a huge blessing to my life. So if you have a question, or a link I should read, or a book recommendation, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

All my love,