Word of The Year

One of the ways that I try to bring more magic into my life is to choose a word or theme for each new year. It’s an idea I picked up from Elise Cripe via Ali Edwards, and 2020 will be my eighth time choosing a word.



In 2017 I completed National Blog Post Writing Month for the first time. You can see all my posts from that month of daily writing here.

Birthday Lists

For a few years now, I’ve made lists of things I’d love to complete by my next birthday. Usually the things on the lists are something fun I’d like to do, or a skill I’d like to learn, or both!

30 Before 30 | 29 Before 29 | 26 Before 26 | 25 Before 25 | 24 Before 24 | 22 Before 22

Book Club

For the last few years I’ve set – and met! – a goal of reading 75 books in the year. I write about the best books I’ve read every few months right here. Also, you can always follow along with my progress on my GoodReads profile.


One of my favourite projects is to make little videos of my daily adventures, edit them together and set them to music. I love to have a little snapshot of what my life looked like at any given time in my life. I usually make videos every time I go on a trip, which you can see all together here. I made seasonal videos when I was in Korea in 2014 and early 2015 which you can see right here. In 2012 I made monthly videos.

Photo Walks

Sometimes I take a walk with my camera looking for colours or patterns, and then post the photos here on the blog.

Red | Orange | Yellow | Green | Purple | Pattern | All

Past Projects

Guinea Pigging Green

From 2014 – 2017, I co-hosted a podcast about health, wellness and eco-friendliness with my good friend Laura. Listen to archives of the show right here or read our blog here.

Project 365

In 2012 I took a photo every day for a year! Click here to see the book I made from the photos.


In 2011 and 2013 I participated in National Novel Writing Month.