Inspiration: May 10

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Inspiration: May 10 >> Life In Limbo

I’m always obsessed with Goodreads’ list features, so I am enjoying working my way through their Summer Reading guide and saving practically all of the books to my own TBR. I found these best-selling authors’ reading lists particularly fascinating.

LOVED this episode of Akimbo on being supple and resilient in business in a changing world. So good!

Well this is very cool! A website created to promote accessibility in the fashion industry through in-depth product descriptions and more photos of clothes being worn in various positions.

I am ever-inspired by Austin Kleon and how committed he is to a life of noticing and creativity. This exploration of revisiting old notebooks made me want to a) keep better notebooks and b) revisit them more often. So fascinating.

This week I’ve been taking part in Rebecca Jacobs’ Liberate Your Style Challenge which has been fun and, well, challenging!

In case you missed it, this week the podcast is back with an interview with one of my favourite thinkers & teachers, Sarah Von Bargen. I gained so much wisdom from her through this conversation.

I’m thrilled to be teaching a masterclass at Make Lemonade called Do More in Less Time on May 23rd! It’s such an awesome coworking space and I’m excited and honoured to be teaching there.

It’s been a somewhat stressful week, my friends! A couple people close to me had unexpected surgeries & hospital visits, which has been scary. But I also celebrated my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary with my family, which was lovely, relaunched the podcast, and enjoyed the sunshine this week. It’s still a little chilly, but at least we have sun! And dressing up every day as a part of the style challenge I mentioned above has been a welcome change, too. This weekend I’m hoping to make a dent in my reading stack and spend some time with my family. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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