Inspiration: January 24

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Inspiration: January 24 >> Life In Limbo

As with most of the world, I was obsessed with Cheer, the beautiful and powerful Netflix documentary about the Navarro College cheerleading team. If you’re like, “I don’t get it..?”, read this (or just watch episode 1) and get ready to get VERY into it! The memes alone are worth it.

Speaking of Netflix, Sex Education is back with season 2 which I devoured in like 2 days! This show is truly some of my favourite television ever, and the theme of friendship this season is so beautiful.

I love Hurry Slowly, but I thought this episode about ways to hold space for yourself was particularly great. It made me feel calmer just listening to it.

Next time you’re struggling to login to a public wifi because that little box refuses to open, head to “” and it will force it to load!

There are a lot of great tips here for those of us that work from home!

Love this idea from James Clear: “Curiosity, courage, and persistence are the new gatekeepers.”

This is a cool thread about the biggest life lessons people wish they’d learned 10 years earlier. The first one is super powerful: “External solutions for internal problems don’t exist.”

I liked this Self-Knowledge Questionnaire from The School of Life. Very insightful!

My friends, The Dream is back and they are taking on the wellness industry this season. Oh. My goodness. SO good.

I’m back! Last week I literally ran out of time to do this post (😳) but I gave myself some grace and chose not to force it to happen. But I’m excited to be back and sharing some of the things that have been inspiring me lately! In other news, I’m excitedly preparing for my first-ever business retreat in February (EEK!), starting with a bunch of new clients, and starting my group program, The Foundery this month. Business is good, and I am good too – trying to eat healthier, sleep more, and go for walks. Wish me luck! This weekend I am planning to see my family and support them as much as I can. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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