Inspiration: January 31

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Inspiration: January 31 >> Life In Limbo

Amy Young is back on Instagram after a hiatus, and her posts and stories are really hitting home lately! Here’s one I liked, but she’s worth a follow in general.

LOVED this Instagram post and literally couldn’t agree more.

My friend Laura and I went to the Knix store on the weekend and I splurged on a pair of their pyjamas which are the best things I’ve ever worn. I am so impressed by them recently, especially this response to the news about PFAs in a competitor’s products.

I am grateful every single day for The Daily from the New York Times, but especially now during this impeachment trial. They help me make sense of what’s happening without getting overwhelmed.

Just a plug here for Canva, which I have been using for EVERYTHING lately. This week I found their presentation slides designs and was blown away! I’ll be using one for an upcoming talk I’m giving, and the designs alone will help me stand out.

I’m really into home reno content lately and have been loving this Instagram account a lot. Then this week I watched this room transformation and was so impressed! So much work but such beautiful results.

Really fun to share this podcast episode where I was interviewed about ways to increase your productivity as a creative entrepreneur!

Happy Friday! This has been another busy week, but I had fewer client calls so was able to make more progress on planning ahead for the retreat (!) and a talk I’m giving at a local business (!!) in a couple weeks. I was also lucky enough to cowork at both Make Lemonade AND East Room this week and it was so fun to have a change of scenery.  This weekend I don’t have any big plans but am looking forward to getting some reading in and keeping up with my meal prep! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

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