Inspiration: January 10

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Inspiration: January 10 >> Life In Limbo

I loved this list of ways to help the people and land of Australia as they fight these catastrophic wildfires.

A great podcast episode (from my business coaches!) about the decisions that helped grow their business last year.

If by some miracle you missed Google’s Year in Search for 2019, you can watch it here. I look forward to these every year. Every year I sob uncontrollably and watch it three times in a row. (I just watched it again linking to this and cried again. I don’t know how they do it.)

Reminder to myself & you: the muse whispers in quiet moments. We have to make space for the magic!

Super interesting TED talk asking the question: how much does it cost you to work at that full-time job? How much of your weekly paycheque is spent paying for things you need in order to earn that paycheque? Fascinating.

A great Twitter thread about people’s biggest insights or lessons from therapy.

Cooking is not just cooking! Loved this piece on the emotional labour of preparing food.

THIS. Not every second of our lives needs to be scheduled. We don’t need plans in order to have an excuse not to make plans. We can just…not make plans.

Newly obsessed with the Tiny Spells daily self-care newsletter! Such great, simple tips and it never leaves me feeling overwhelmed or guilty about all the things I’m not doing.

Pre-written canned emails for a variety of situations! Sometimes the hardest part of writing a tricky email is knowing how to start. These might give you an easy starting place!

Some truly great, thoughtful advice for building an audience of true fans.

From me: my word for 2020, 2019 in Review, 2019 in Reading, and my 2019 1SE video.

Hello hello! I’m back to weekly Inspiration, mostly because my Inspiration Google Doc was getting way too full! It needed an outlet. I hope the beginning of 2020 is treating you well. I am happy to be back to work and am enjoying being back in my daily routine. But I tell ya, taking 2 weeks off was WONDERFUL for my mental health. I had the capacity to read more challenging books! I felt like I could handle meal prep! Sure signs I’ve been too stressed lately. Excited to try to hold onto this relaxed feeling as we move through 2020. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo.

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