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2020: Devoted >> Life In Limbo

This will be my eighth (!) year choosing a word to keep in mind as I move through the months ahead. I love choosing a word for the year, because even if I completely forget about it, it still adds some whimsy and an extra dimension to the year. It guides my thinking, nudges me to make more aligned decisions, and helps me interpret things that happen to me through a new lens.

This year, my word feels just a teensy little bit confronting. Devoted. DEVOTED. That feels serious! It feels important. It feels real.

As we approached the end of 2019, I was feeling like I needed to have my own back more. I was tired of being tired all the time. I wanted to be able to set firmer boundaries and have confidence in myself and advocate for myself when needed. At Nurture, I wrote a poem with a line that says “You have your own gravity,” which I absolutely love. I initially thought that my word might be Gravity.

Then I realized that the bigger feeling I wanted to cultivate was a sense of commitment: to myself, to my life, to my relationships, to my integrity, to my clients. I wanted more of my own gravity as a way to stay anchored, grounded, firmly rooted in what I want more of, without distraction. So then I thought maybe Commit might be a better word.

Finally, after clicking around through a bunch of synonym pages for Gravity and Commit, I saw the word Devotion and my ears perked up. Devotion. Devoted. Devote.

2020: Devoted >> Life In Limbo

There is such a quiet beauty to this word, a humility, a steadfastness. It implies being unshakeable. It evokes romance and love. There is a fierceness to it that I am craving for myself. When I compare “self-care” to “being devoted to myself”, the difference rings like a bell in my head.

So my word is Devoted. I am devoted. I am devoted to myself and maintaining my boundaries. I am devoted to my health, wellness and wellbeing. I am devoted to making sure I give myself what I need. I am devoted to my family and my friends. I am devoted to my future romantic relationship. I am devoted to my rest, my downtime, my relaxation. I am devoted to creating more richness in my life, more whimsy, more playfulness, more delight. I am devoted to my home, my community, my neighbourhood. I am devoted to my life.


  • the fact or state of being ardently dedicated, loving and loyal
  • loyalty and love or care for someone or something
  • to give all or a large part of one’s time or resources to (a person, activity, or cause)
  • an act of prayer or private worship

Synonyms: adoring, affectionate, fond, loving, tender, tenderhearted, dedicated, committed

Goals & Intentions

I went in a bit of a different direction this year with my goals. I thought about what feelings I’d like to cultivate, then set goals & intentions to help me get closer to those feelings. My hope is that my word keeps me devoted to these goals!

In 2020, I will be devoted to:


  • Don’t drink alone
  • Walk for 20 for 2020 outside
  • Set up my Alexa morning & evening routines

Home & Community

  • Explore one new star per week
  • Do an Energy Exchange at Yoga Village
  • Capture 1SE

Rest & Relaxation

  • Read 111 books this year
  • Create a shut-down ritual for work
  • Take a vacation


  • Try acupuncture
  • Get quarterly massages
  • Find a great therapist


  • Celebrate minor holidays
  • Do monthly surprise dates
  • Buy something that sparks joy each month

I have a good feeling about 2020! It feels like I have some momentum behind me as I move into it in a way I haven’t before. I’m so proud of what I accomplished in 2019 and I can’t wait to put down more roots & deepen my relationships in 2020.

If you choose a word for the year, I would love to hear about it! And if you see any resources, books or posts about the idea of devotion, send them my way. Happy 2020, everyone!

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