Summer 2.0

The seasons have changed for me, here in Busan. The weather got cooler overnight, though we’ve still had days like today that were blazing hot and sunny. But whenever it starts cooling down, it instantly feels like fall and brings up all kinds of nostalgia and feelings and memories. I love the fall, but this year it’s been feeling like life is going by really quickly and that the seasons of my life are happening faster than ever. I’m sure this is not going to change anytime soon, which is why I’m so glad I decided to try and document my year here in Korea through videos. Over the past month, I didn’t shoot as much and as a result a lot of things are missing from this video. Even so, I’m so happy that even a few of the great memories I have got preserved this way.

I’ve been experiencing so much in the past 6 months since I arrived in Korea – so many ups and downs, but mostly ups. The second half of summer had a different feeling from the first – more growing and thinking was going on, lots of dinners out and beach days and my solo adventure in Japan. Life was busy in August, but we still managed to enjoy our summer evenings, celebrating often with picnics and wine. I saw a ton of gorgeous sunsets and a few sunrises, went kayaking and surfing, learned some acro yoga, read some good books, and soaked up as much of the summer as I could. It was such a great one.

The video this time is short and sometimes wobbly but always sweet.

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