Inspiration | September 5


I became absolutely obsessed with the idea of having a capsule wardrobe this week. There are two really simple, beautiful ones from Unfancy – for Spring and for Summer.

I loved this article from Garance Doré. “We have to be careful not to project our own dreams of success on the people around us. True success is knowing who you really are and your own definition of success.”

A pretty awesome list of book recommendations from the Coaches Training Institute.

Speaking of book recommendations, the answers to this question on Quora about what smart and successful people read are so great, and I especially liked this answer in particular. Side note: I really love Quora, my weekly email from them is always full of such interesting questions I almost always click through to read some of the answers.

More beautiful quotes + photos from Shutterbean. I want to frame at least two in this series so far.

Serving people is your purpose.

I discovered Your Courageous Life this week and I love her posts.


I’m off to Seoul for the long weekend! It’s Chuseok, aka Korean Thanksgiving, so I have a 5 day weekend ahead of me, which is so lovely. I’m looking forward to the break, especially after the crazy month that was August. We are going to the DMZ, and then hopefully just wandering around, eating some falafel, reading a lot of books, and relaxing. I really like Seoul (I’ve been twice already this year) and I’m looking forward to my time there. Since it’s a holiday, I probably won’t be posting until later next week when I get back. Enjoy your weekends!

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