Inspiration | September 12


This list of 10 Smart Things You Should Do in Your Twenties is spot on. I’m working towards all of them.

Kathryn Budig has some down-to-earth words about body image and food and yoga.

I feel I’m eternally learning things I didn’t know about blogging, and resizing photos is a “duh, you should have been doing that 5 years ago” moment for me. Great tips on how to streamline that process here.

The Late Summer Abundance Bowl is here! I love these things. I only wish I could find sorghum here in Korea, but quinoa will have to do.

I am considering starting the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge… uh oh.

Maybe I’m just a total Apple nerd, but of course I’m geeking out about the Watch (and the new iPhone).

I met the cool guy that runs this music blog in Seoul last weekend, and he makes some awesome Sunday-afternoon-feels playlists.

I liked this video about loosening up after sitting in a chair all day.

I periodically need to come back to this post I wrote 2 years ago called “today, be gentle”. I’ve been having a low energy, unmotivated, #feels-filled week so I’m amending it to “this week, or for as long as it takes (always), be gentle”. Maybe you need the reminder too? For now I’m going to try a latte, good music, patience, and some meditation.


Here’s to the weekend! I had a 2 day workweek, so I can’t really complain, but I’m still so happy it’s Friday. I need to hit the reset button a little and recenter. I calculated that I am a little over exactly halfway through my time here in Korea, which is an interesting place to be. The first half was jam-packed and so much fun, full of growth and exciting opportunities. I’m wondering what the second half and beyond will hold. Have a good one, everyone!

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