Hey Y’all How Y’all Doing?

Why hello there! Congratulations on making it thus far to thus blog. I am hitting myself in the head multiple times in great dismay at the length of time it has taken me to get my butt over to wordpress. Am I an idiot or what? Messing around with livejournal, blogger..well what can I say folks, I was young.

I imported a few posts I had from my last blog (which really didn’t last long, but I liked some of the posts, so I did anyways.) This one is incredibly new and incredibly slow on the uptake I know. I should take a few solid hours out of my time to really get it together, but I haven’t been able to yet. So it’s coming.

So hi there, I’m Steph. I created this blog for a few reasons:

1. WordPress is awesome

2. I am really busy and my friends & family feel a tad out of synch with me, and vice versa!

3. Blogging is fun

4. I want to share my loves & hates & life with you all!

As a technical note, my flickr feed does not appear to be working with me and I’m getting a few blanko boxes. What’s with that? Flickr, get it together. But it’s probably my fault.

As you may have already seen in the UNOFFICIAL first post, I have many loves, and they’re pretty broad. I cannot remember if I included science in there, but I also love science, philosophy, poetry, all sorts of reading. Oh speaking of which, I’m going to try and get my shelfari shelf on here so I don’t have to constantly post about what I’m currently reading (which would take forever!).

I have a lot to say, and I’m finally ready to say it out loud. To the blogosphere. I find that in retrospect I was blogging away for whatever reason, kind of hoping someone would read it, but really wishing nobody would. (and now you never will hear about my teen angst squared..)But I think I’m past that, finally. Plus my dad may be getting set up with his own blog (that man has IDEAS of his own), so we can do it together I guess!

So welcome to effieboo.com, I hope you enjoy your stay. Behind the name: effieboo is one of my only original nicknames, given to me by a camp friend a couple years ago, when trying to find something that rhymes with Steph. There’s really not a ton..


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