Inspiration | October 16

Let’s all try to remember this: other people’s choices are not a commentary on ours (and vice versa).

Mmm, a beautiful video on the power + practice of making things.

Consistency and regular practice have been themes for me lately.

Choose just one thing (at a time) to simplify your life. Lovely.

Marie Forleo at it again with exactly what I needed to hear this week (and every week).

Great post on redesigning your life, especially the tip about simplifying the steps.

Lena Dunham and Jenny Konner started a feminist newsletter and they interviewed Hillary Clinton!

Re-work your negative thoughts with the three column technique.

I can’t link to the newsletter articles themselves, but I really enjoyed both the Reading My Tea Leaves and Braid Creative newsletters this week.


This week I made Thanksgiving dinner for my boyfriend’s Ecuadorian family, which was stressful but ultimately so much fun. They had never had our Canadian Thanksgiving flavours before and had never participated in our traditions, so it was such a treat to be able to bring one of my favourite holidays to a new country.

This weekend, we are hosting yoga in a nearby park, and hoping that new friends will show up! I also hope to do a lot of reading and writing, watching Masterchef (some things never change) and avoiding our now-daily afternoon rainstorms. The leaves aren’t changing colours here in Ecuador, but at least it’s the perfect fall weather almost all the time! Have a lovely weekend.

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