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“I am not in the business of hurting myself on purpose.” Liz Gilbert, continuing to be an endless source of inspiration.

I sent this video to my mom because it made my heart feel so full. I am all about ideas that take existing needs and resources and bring them together.

What an awesome Barbie ad! I watched it twice.

My friend and podcast co-host Laura just launched her website Little Black Leggings, a business resource for yogis! I’m always excited about new ventures, especially those of friends. Love her interview with our mutual friend Jess, who just launched the clothing company Free Label.

Simple phrases we can use to gently shift the tone and direction of our interactions.

My friend Adrienne and I have started a weekly creativity mastermind to keep us on track with our writing goals. She sent me this great article full of writing advice after our first session. I sent her Liz Gilbert’s interview with Marie Forleo and Ommwriter.

Some lovely + smart + practical tips on having houseguests in a small space.

Forget finding your passion, because – surprise! – you already have it. Also, it doesn’t have to be the thing that pays your bills. This is an excellent article (with a few swearwords) full of links to other awesome articles (I clicked through to about ten).


Life is great here in Quito. I taught a couple of yoga classes to friends of Paulo’s, talked to friends in Vancouver and New York and Toronto, updated my website, recorded a new episode of the podcast, did some work for the Red Tent Sisters, and emailed with my family. Canada elected a new leader! I also ate healthier, did more yoga, took more walks, and just today Paulo and I went to some natural hot springs, which was amazing. I’m forever trying to be gentler with myself, accept how I feel and how things are in every moment, and spend more of my time reading books and less time on social media. I am still finding my footing and figuring out my new routine, but overall things are going really well.

This weekend we have our second yoga in the park meetup and we’re hoping for more attendance. Last week we had one lady, and we were absolutely positively thrilled to have her join us. Wish us luck! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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