Inspiration | September 26


Lena Dunham gives such excellent advice. She’s so confident, so eloquent, so wise and so very herself. I love that she’s not afraid to embody many different things and show that she has so many facets to her personality. I can’t wait to read her book.

I totally loved this unconventional tip for tiny apartment living. This is tip #109, so there are so many to look through in the archives. I’ve been systematically making my way through these thoughtful posts all week.

I really liked the Zen Habits guide to eating well.

14 books, websites and Youtubers to check out for healthy-living inspiration. I watched so many random healthy channels this week, like blogilates, Sarah Fit and Bree Loves Beauty. That’s just real talk.

Another awesome-looking capsule wardrobe for fall! I’m still so inspired by the idea and really want to make my own.

This was the answer to all my vpn problems. I now have Spotify which probably makes me the happiest girl on the planet. Thank you, Crazy Blue.

I am really coveting this Lululemon scarf. Yes please.

I listened to the teaser of Serial, the new show by the creators of This American Life, and I am the most excited. I wasn’t sure about the concept at first but now I am nothing if not all about it. The series starts October 3rd.

This black bean burger though.

I can’t help it, I loved the videos of Beyoncé and Hova they showed at the end of On The Run. They look like they have such a sweet life.


And I’m off! The weather is officially coooool here in the Bu, and I feel excited about that. This weekend we don’t have anything terribly exciting planned but those always end up being my favourite weekends anyways. I’m hoping to take walks to the beach, drink my first chai latte of the season (too soon? I can’t tell/don’t care), go surfing and daydream. Have an amazing weekend!

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