Lately | September

Lately September

Starting my mornings with 3 morning pages, 10 minutes of meditation, 2 big glasses of water and a 7 minute workout.

Ending my evenings with stretching, a little bit more meditation and a hint of reading.

Still bullet journalling and loving it for capturing my days, thoughts and to-dos.

Proud of the work I’m doing with the Red Tent Sisters and Guinea Pigging Green.

Obsessed with Spotify.

Drinking a ton of hot water with honey and lemon before bed.

Looking forward to the upcoming film festival, fireworks festival, the leaves changing, and little trips I have planned.

Pleased it’s a 4-day week.

Watching the occasional episode of Gilmore Girls, and getting into the new show produced by Shonda Rhimes.

Using this website whenever I feel like watching a movie (which is rare these days).

Adopting the mantra “Good Vibes Only”.

Bummed about missing a family wedding this past weekend but…

Glad it gave me a chance to talk to my whole family at once and get some funny Snapchat videos sent my way.

Making an effort to eat healthier food that fills me up and gives me lots of energy.

Excited that I can wear a scarf in the evenings but that it’s beautiful and sunny during the day. Basically, the weather has been perfect!

Planning to go back to acro yoga classes this month!

Daydreaming about my yoga teacher training (sometime next year TBD), my trip through South East Asia and my return to Canada. These are all good things so…

Trying not to stress out about timing.

Grateful for my family, my friends, my health and my freedom.

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