Inspiration: November 24

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Inspiration November 24 >> Life In Limbo

Reading this article and reconnecting to the importance of solitude, stillness, silence, and nature was like giving my brain a warm bath. Thanks to my dear friend Parker for sharing this with me.

This series of self-portraits by an elderly Japanese woman made me giddy with joy. How fun is this? Always be learning.

The Apology Generator is so awful, but so funny in its satirical precision and accuracy. Makes it even easier for us to sniff out the lack of genuineness.

“True self-care is making the choice to build a life you don’t have to escape from.” This one is good, you guys.

This week in “how to stop my phone from controlling my entire life”, I learned how to put my screen in grayscale mode. This is remarkably effective in decreasing my desire to play with it, when I remember to turn the feature on.

I finally bought the Five Minute Journal app and I’m so happy with it. It’s fun the way social media is fun, but it’s a place to practice gratitude and peace every morning and evening, so it’s even better.

After listening to this interview with Ann Friedman on Hurry Slowly, I re-activated my (very) old Instapaper account and added the extension to my browser. It’s been a nice way to collect articles and read them later without needing to be on my computer with all its distractions.

This week we had the book launch party for With/out Pretend‘s new book, Happy If You Know It. It was a pretty incredible night, and inspiring for about a hundred reasons. Even if you weren’t at the party, you can still get a gorgeous copy of the book!

It has been a busy week, and I’m really happy it’s Friday. So much good stuff, so much excitement and inspiration and time spent with friends. I must have said about a hundred times: “I just love my life so much.”

This weekend it’s my mom’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA), so I’m going home for some much-needed family time in the country. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

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