You’re Doing Your Best

Just a short one today because it’s been one of those stressful, chaotic (in my brain) days. Some reasons why:

  • I was late to a meeting that I didn’t know was happening until 5 minutes before, so I was flustered and unprepared. (Everyone was super nice about it, and it wasn’t my fault, but still.)
  • I was troubleshooting an important tech problem most of the day, having unsuccessful conversations through a Q&A forum instead of being able to chat with a real person.
  • It was very cold outside, and while I didn’t complain about it, it made my walks shorter and less relaxing.
  • I have a big party tonight, which I’m so excited for.

In the very nick of time, I resolved the tech problem and got it sorted – mostly. Because of a glitch, the emails that were meant to get sent got sent twice. Ugh! All day, fighting to make sure it would be done perfectly and professionally, and it was not done 100% perfectly.

As I was struggling to let it go and be grateful that the issue was resolved at all, a post I wrote a long time ago (like: Korea days), popped into my head: affirmations for uncertain days. I searched for it, found it (the blessings of having a blog), and then laughed when I read the first line:

Affirmations >> Life In Limbo

You are doing your best. Even when you slip up or mess up or forget to do your best, that is still you doing your best.

So I say to myself and to you: you are doing your best. Even when you don’t do it perfectly, that is still you doing your best.