Inspiration: March 1

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Inspiration: March 1 >> Life In Limbo

I liked these thoughts on how we can energetically protect ourselves from things that drain our energy, whether or not you identify as a woman (the author’s target audience).

This week I read My Sister, the Serial Killer, and it was a weird sort of way. I am still not sure how I feel about the ending!

Next up on my business reading list is this short, free book from the founder of Freshbooks, Breaking the Time Barrier.

I think I’ve found a new, cool newsletter to subscribe to! I like the format of Recomendo. (On my newsletter email, of course).

Thinking of starting a newsletter of your own? Great thoughts here on starting a good one, from the writer of one of my fave newsletters.

I found this article from one of the founders of Joe Beef totally fascinating. In it, he shares his story of getting sober, recovering from a life of excess, and how it changed his business. Very human.

Interesting podcast episode about some of the energy themes we’ve been dealing with over the last few months, and what to lean into for the rest of 2019.

In case you missed it, this week on the podcast I’m talking about the concept of conducting experiments in your business and life! Also: next week’s episode will be the last of Season 3.

Also from me: this week on my business blog I’m sharing three of my favourite ways to unsubscribe from spammy email lists that you just can’t seem to get off of! Read it here.

The wonderful illustration above is by my friend Kate Smalley based on something I said on episode 28 of the podcast!

We got yet another snowstorm here in Toronto, so suffice it to say that I’m thrilled it’s officially March. Hopefully that means this eternal winter is finally coming to an end soon! In the meantime, I’ve been working on sharing more on Instagram stories, building my Inbox Zero course and getting excited about some of the opportunities coming this Spring. So fun! This weekend I am planning to rest up, read some good books, and stay as warm as possible. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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