Inspiration: January 19

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Inspiration: January 19 >> Life In Limbo

Thank you for this reminder, Ann Friedman! Not every hobby is a side hustle, or needs to be, or should be. Your hobbies don’t need to make you money.

Introverts, it’s that time of year! Actually who am I kidding, it’s always the right time to cancel plans if you’re feeling too overwhelmed by life. Thanks to Girls Night In for writing some honest, awesome scripts for us.

One article on this topic was not enough for you? I present yet another guide to making plans that you actually want to keep and saying no to any plans that you don’t want to make. This one is super helpful too.

I like the idea that marketing just means being considerate to your people. Makes a lot of sense, and might make it easier for those of us who hate being too self-promotional. Remember that it’s *not* very considerate to make it hard to find out about you/see pictures of your stuff/find you online, etc.

Lately I have been really working on becoming a better plant parent, and I thought these were some good tips. Plus, the article’s photos are fodder for my plant addiction. Help.

Loved this article, which is all about the idea of protecting your time. My favourite takeaway was to switch from saying “I can’t do that” to “I don’t do that.”

This week I finished The Sellout and am almost finished Rest. The Sellout was wacky but I enjoyed it, even if I felt totally out of my depth intellectually. Rest is good and is reminding me to do more of what I know I need to do: go for walks, take breaks, prioritize vacation, detach from work.

I’ll be honest and say that this was not one of my more fruitful weeks in terms of inspiration. I have been feeling a bit down because of the constant cold (Trying not to complain! But it’s tough.) and lack of light, so my productivity and inspiration have been a little low. I’m still plugging away at my goals for January and my work, just with slightly less energy than usual. Here’s hoping that shifts next week! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo.

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