Inspiration: January 26

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Inspiration January 26 >> Life In Limbo

I have been so moved by the women (over 190 at last count) testifying in the Larry Nassar trial. It’s incredibly painful to hear their stories, and absolutely staggering to see how many people he abused and assaulted – and let’s remember that the women testifying are only a fraction of his victims. But it’s also beautiful to see the strength of these women speaking truth to power.

In other news: how did I miss that an all-female Ocean’s movie was happening?! I grew up watching action and heist movies with my Dad and sisters and I love the genre. So nothing makes me happier than seeing women kicking ass in movies like Wonder Woman (my favourite movie of last year) and this trailer for Ocean’s 8! Cannot wait to see it.

I thought Samantha Bee did a really great job of explaining the current MeToo backlash and some of the nuance involved in the somewhat murky allegations against Aziz Ansari and others. “It doesn’t have to be rape to ruin your life. And it doesn’t have to ruin your life to be worth speaking out about.” FYI: MeToo doesn’t lack nuance, its critics do.

I found it really interesting to read about Ellen Pompeo’s experience negotiating her way to becoming television’s highest-paid actress. Also interesting to read about the pettiness in how the executives had previously refused to pay her even $5000 more than her co-star even though she was the lead character…

I binge-watched both seasons of Insecure this week after two of my closest friends have been telling me to watch it for months. People, this show is amazing! Omg! What was I doing waiting for so long!?When does Season 3 come to bless my life?!

This perspective perfectly encapsulates how I feel about the fine line between manifesting abundance and being reckless. “Visualise your dream life, sure. Do what you can now to start getting into that frame of mind, and take what steps you can toward living that life now. Just don’t overextend and commit to funding things now that you can’t yet afford.”

Lol! 7 Helpful tips on how to be miserable! But seriously though, this is funny and accurate and motivating. Especially the one about screen time – too real. I feel like I should re-watch this weekly. Daily, perhaps.

In trying to find a desktop wallpaper for my new computer (!) I re-discovered the Dress Your Tech archives on Design Love Fest! Countless pages of original artwork for your screens. Beautiful!

My highlights of this week were going to a great yoga class I won in an Instagram contest and watching the premiere of Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars with friends! So fun. This weekend I’m going home for some much-needed time in the woods with the puppy. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

PS. I am still reading The Power (pictured above) and damn it’s good.

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