Inspiration: February 2

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Inspiration February 2 >> Life In Limbo

Captain Awkward is back at it again! Laying down the epic advice about emotional labour and expectations and relationships. I am so thankful for this blog.

I really loved this story of how Jessica Chastain and Octavia Spencer worked together to close the pay gap as it pertains to women of colour. Really great, really important.

It was fun to read this post about Elise’s philosophy and process around making her own clothes. I love her mindset in most things, and getting inspired to just start and learn as you go is such a great feeling.

I went to Girls Night In book club for the first time this week and had a ton of fun! Free goodies, cool women, and a fun chat about a great book in a beautiful space? I believe these are in fact all my favourite things.

Last Friday morning I went to Creative Mornings and was really inspired (as always) by the speaker. This month it was Jordan Axani, who took us through a powerful anonymous sharing exercise called My Big Lie. It was really moving and thought-provoking.

Sorry for posting nearly every single episode of Hurry Slowly but I can’t help that it’s amazing!! I had so many great takeaways from this interview with Oliver Burkeman, including the question: “There are always going to be too many demands, so who do you want to make angry?”

One of my book clubs read Worry-Free Money this month and my favourite idea was the Inadequacy Influence: the concept that we have an urge to spend money whenever we feel like we can’t keep up, feel guilty, or feel that we aren’t good enough and money seems like the solution. Excellent read and a great discussion!

I am super tired after a full week – all good things, but full nonetheless. I got to help out on an interior design project for a couple days, go to a book club two nights in a row, and drink wine with my friends. What could be better? This weekend I’m helping out at a harvest table dinner, going for a lovely dog walk in the park and having brunch with my friends. It’ll be the perfect blend of relaxing and activity. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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