April Goals

Well. March was a complete and total whirlwind. And I just looked back at my March post and apparently I used the phrase “total whirlwind” to describe February (it was totally unintentional that I used it in this post too) so I think the moral of the story is BOTH that a) I don’t have enough interesting phrases in my arsenal and b) my 2013 has been pretty dang whirlwindy so far.

I had a few emotional rollercoaster rides in March, a fair bit of stress, so I’m setting goals this month that focus on staying sane and happy. Yes, I have a lot of work to do over the next few weeks. Yes, I am technically done my undergraduate degree in 28 days exactly. Yes, there are several opportunities for me to freak out and get stressed, and I have no doubt that I will freak out and get stressed. But what’s important is that I’m setting intentions not to. I’m going to try my best to keep running, keep sleeping enough, keep time-managing, keep focused, and keep positive. The fact is, I don’t ever get to be in the last month of my undergraduate degree ever again! So I don’t want to wish away even a single moment of the next 28 days, even though part of me does sort of wish it could all be over.

That’s where “find small joys” comes in. It’s my birthday this month, and other friends’ birthdays, and those are cause for celebrations, no matter how much work we have to do. There will be nights when my friends and I drink a bottle of wine and have a lovely dinner. There will be impromptu movie nights. There will (no doubt) be calls to my Mom and snapchats with my sisters and friends. The point is: there will be a lot to be appreciative and happy about, and I want to remember that. Staying centered will be a function of exercise, trying to do a tiny bit of joy-reading, listening to my favourite podcasts, eating well, blogging (I always want to write more when I have more to do), and staying in touch with loved ones.

March goals were okay. I didn’t do so well at taking photos – at least, not on my camera. I did capture lots of great moments on my phone camera though! Happily, I did spend a lot more time outside this month, and loved it. I failed miserably at having “no stress”. Jeez, what a tall order for myself! Didn’t read much, did run a lot, did a fair amount of resting. All in all, ain’t so bad.

Here’s to April! Hopefully filled with lots of happy times and warm weather.

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  1. Yay snapchat! I love that app. My phone service is so awful at school that I can’t send any, though, and that makes me sad. But not for long. I’m about to listen to the episodes of your podcast!

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