2019: Energy

If the first couple weeks are any indication, it feels like 2019 is going to fly by just as quickly as the last few years have felt! I’ve always read that as you get older, time starts to feel like it speeds up, and now I’m starting to experience that for myself.  Funnily enough, a lot of the goals I’ve set for myself are, upon reflection, ways for me to counteract the year going by so rapidly by bringing more fun, joy and richness to my days and by capturing their sweetness.

2019: Energy >> Life In Limbo

My word for 2019 is ENERGY, and all of my goals relate to my word in one way or another. Throughout 2018 I felt tired and a bit scattered, like my energy was being drained by certain responsibilities and relationships in ways that weren’t healthy for me. I was left feeling like I needed to protect my energy more carefully, as well as find ways to restore and re-energize after stressful situations.

Practically speaking, this year I chose my word and then centred all my goals around that word, finding various facets of the word energy that I wanted to embody over the next 12 months. I ended up with six different categories that each have three goals or intentions within them – which is a lot of goals! But for this year, it feels good, and I have systems in place to make them happen. If you’re curious to learn more about how I set goals this year, I also talked about the process on my podcast a couple weeks back!

Physical Energy

I want to feel more rested, more limber, and more energetic throughout the day. I want to really take care of my body and make sure I’m giving it the fuel and sleep it needs to feel good and healthy. And most importantly, I want to feel more attuned to my body and its signals and make sure I’m giving it what it needs.

1. Be in bed without technology by 10:30PM every weeknight and 11:30PM every weekend night

I want to make this habit a lot stronger, because the truth is that if I don’t get off my phone by this time of night I wind up staying up way longer than I know I should. Instead, I want to establish a firm technology bedtime, go to bed, and start reading instead. That way I’ll read more books and get drowsy at an appropriate time.

2. Move intentionally every day

This can look a lot of different ways: a long walk in nature, a quick run after work, a dance party in my apartment, a yoga class…anything that represents me specifically and intentionally taking time out of my schedule to move. Walking to the grocery store is great, but it doesn’t count for me in this resolution.

3. Create a binder of fun, healthy meal ideas

One of the tough parts of living alone is needing to prepare every single meal for yourself! I often run out of good ideas and get tired, meaning I wind up making a sandwich or tacos five nights of the week. No bueno! By putting some fun ideas into a binder, I’m hoping I’ll have more inspiration for meals that are easy but healthy.

Source Energy

I want to spend more time tapping into my source through the kinds of reflective and introspective activities that I know light me up and make me feel good. The goals and intentions in this category are designed to reconnect me to myself and to that well of wisdom within me (just like the one within you!).

1. Meditate every morning for at least 5 minutes

This is a continuation of a habit I’ve kept up for the past several years: last year alone I meditated for more than 50 hours!! Even though I rarely feel enthusiastic about my meditation practice, I know it’s helpful so I want to keep it up.

2. Read 100 books

Since 2013 I’ve read 75 books a year, and I think I’m ready to take it up a notch! This year, all bets are off and I’ll be reading lots of audio, lots of fiction, and lots of anything I want. No rules for me! You can track my progress on Goodreads here.

3. Write more reflective blog posts & journal entries

This is an intention rather than a goal, as I won’t be monitoring or tracking it. My hope is that by putting it on the list, I’ll turn to writing more often as a tool to help me work through things or process my thoughts. It’s such an invaluable part of my life, but one that I’d love to be accessing a bit more often.

Guard Energy

The biggest issue I faced in 2018 was keeping my energy safely protected from energy vampires: and I was not always successful. This year, I won’t let that happen again. Instead, I’ll be finding ways to protect my time and space and ensure that I’m only using my energy on things and people that really light me up.

1. Say no to things that aren’t aligned or that feel forced, tiring, or sticky

Another intention, because I’m positive I’ll slip up on this one and have to readjust as I go. Guarding my energy is a constant learning process and I don’t always get it right the first time, but giving myself grace with this means that I can hold it in my mind and not feel apologetic for taking my time and meeting my own needs.

2. Have one ‘mevening’ per week

I love the term “mevening”, which was coined by my friend Moni – it basically refers to any night you take intentionally for yourself to experience all your favourite solo activities. Having a name for it instantly reframes it in my mind and makes me want ALL the cozy mevenings to myself! Some weeks are crazy, so I want to put mevenings in the calendar and actively track to make sure I’m getting one weeknight mevening each week.

3. Do an activity audit monthly

I want to make it a habit to re-evaluate my commitments and obligations on a monthly basis, to upgrade or downgrade anything that might need adjustment at any given time. I will be using Modern Planner’s Activity Audit exercise for this, most likely on post-its or on a special Asana board I’ll make for the purpose.

Follow Energy

I recently found out that I’m a Generator in the Human Design framework, which essentially means that my superpower is noticing and responding to things that light up my energy and following those things as much as I can. I find this idea very inspiring, since any time I’ve done this in the past, it’s led to big positive shifts and a lot of inspired action on big projects that suddenly feel so easy to launch. If it works so well, why not follow it more carefully?

1. Create a list of what lights me up most

This can be added to over time, but just like Jess Lively has her alignment time, I can use these things as prompts to bring me back into a place of more energy and excitement.

2. Create a daily energy reminder check-in on my phone

I’ve set this up and it’s going off every day at 3:30PM, a time of day that typically is a lower point in terms of my energy. Two weeks into the year, it’s been interesting to have that brief touch point to see how I’m doing on any given day and to simply notice how much it can vary from day to day based on what I’m doing.

3. Only take inspired action as much as possible

Obviously this is an intention, because this would be fairly hard to measure or track! But I think that intending to take inspired action as much as I possibly can is a fairly good resolution for 2019. To me, inspired action feels like things are flowing, exciting, interesting, and like there’s a conveyor belt under my feet. Not always possible, but when it hits, it’s magic.

2019: Energy >> Life In Limbo

Restore Energy

I’ve realized that I’m very good at spending my energy, and often do so on things, people and projects that I find fun and rewarding. What I’m not so good at is taking the time to replenish and restore my energy in ways that don’t necessarily feel “practical”. I have a hard time sitting down to watch TV or a movie, because I constantly feel guilty that I should be doing something more productive! The goals & resolutions here are in direct opposition to this not-so-nice part of my nature.

1. Be leisurely & luxurious in my everyday life

I find that I’m often racing through my days like I have someone timing me with a stopwatch. I want to counteract this with the intention to be more leisurely in my days: when I’m eating, during my morning routine, when I’m reading, when I’m relaxing. I want to take the time to light the candle, dim the lights, put on some nice music and chop up herbs to put on top of my food. Doesn’t that just feel more pleasant? Because the truth is, I do have time, I just don’t always take it.

2. Schedule one special fun thing a month

In the spirit of the bucket lists I used to create, I want to get one special, out of the ordinary activity on the calendar for each month of 2019. This could be something like taking a new hike, or going to an exhibition, or even just going to the movies, since that’s something I don’t normally do. I love that I have the flexibility to choose the activity, but the structure to make sure it’s monthly.

3. Buy one thing per month that feels luxurious or pleasurable

I’m a notorious underbuyer, which means that I’m not very good at spending money, even when money would make my daily life more pleasant or enjoyable. To combat this tendency of mine, I’m giving myself the “goal” of spending out on one thing (big or small!) that feels like a luxury – a want, not a need. Since this doesn’t come naturally to me, it feels very fun to start brainstorming the types of things that might fall under this category – and most of them are not even that expensive!

Creative Energy

Last but certainly not least, I want to make time and space for my creative energy to shine through in 2019! Being creative is one of the best ways I know to feel more energetic and fulfilled, and yet I don’t always give it the time I know it deserves. I’m hoping to change that over the next 12 months with these resolutions.

1. Do 1 Second Everyday

This is one of my favourite projects because it’s so easy but brings so much more mindfulness and whimsy into my daily life. I regretted not doing it in 2018 so I’m excited to have re-started for 2019 and already it’s bringing me so much joy.

2. Create two seasons of the Life In Limbo podcast

This is well underway and I’m loving it! Starting this podcast was a long-time goal of mine and it’s felt so good to actually launch it and make time for it each week. I also love that I’m giving myself breaks from the show when it feels like an overwhelming season of life. I can’t wait to see what comes of the show in 2019 – I already have some very fun ideas for guests and topics in store!

3. Take more photos of my everyday life

I don’t know another way to say it: I’m just happier when I’m taking more photos and capturing more of the details of my daily life. In university I was blogging more, so I was taking more photos of my life and apartment, and I treasure those memories so much. I love where I’m living now, but I don’t take photos to commemorate this season and I know I’ll regret not having them if I don’t start now. More photos in 2019!

And there you have it! All my goals and intentions for 2019. I’m tracking most of these in Asana, which is the project management software I use for both my personal and business goals. I’m also making use of Elise’s daily habit tracker for all my daily goals, because it’s fun to watch those little circles add up over time. I can’t wait to see how these goals affect my year, and whether or not they make me feel more aware of my energy in 2019. Here’s hoping!

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2018 Goals & Intentions

We’re two weeks into 2018, and so far the year is off to a great start, wouldn’t you say? Despite the crazy, bone-chilling weather here in Toronto, life in 2018 has been pretty wonderful so far. I always love how a new calendar year feels like a blank page and an opportunity to invite in new ideas, routines or intentions for the next 12 months. It’s also interesting to see what seems to naturally fall away as the calendar page flips over.

2018 Goals & Intentions >> Life In Limbo

I’ve written recently about how I haven’t been feeling moved lately to set many long-term goals. When I looked ahead to 2018, nothing stood out to me as an outcome I felt that I desperately needed to make happen or an achievement I wanted to create. This is a pretty foreign feeling, given how many years I spent setting buckets of goals for myself as carrots on sticks to keep me moving forward. That being said, I had no trouble coming up with intentions for how I want to spend more of my time, energy and money this year.


Read 75 books

The goal that will never go away! Having a reading goal each year is really just a way to keep me on task with making time for a hobby that I love and find so deeply fulfilling…but which I can easily be distracted from by the numerous glowing screens in my life. Having a concrete number to aim for helps me take time for reading, which is also one of the best ways I get into flow. I track my progress on Goodreads, so you can always see what I’m reading here!

Choose a monthly theme

I’m actually crazy-excited about this ‘goal’, which represents a great mix of being intentional but also going with the flow of my life. I’ll choose a theme right before the new month starts, based on what I’m feeling like I want to devote more energy, money and time to for the following month. Depending on the theme, I’ll set some sub-goals for myself just for that month, in an attempt to jumpstart my progress in areas that need a little more love or attention. At the end of the month, I’ll give myself permission to re-evaluate, stop whatever’s not working, and hold onto whatever I really loved from that month’s theme.

January’s theme has been Body, and it has been SO MUCH FUN to give my body some love in all kinds of different ways: new forms of exercise, getting a massage, daily dance parties, trying new recipes, buying myself bubble bath, etc. I can already tell how much joy this monthly themed goal-setting practice will bring me.

Keep a daily logbook

I stole this idea from Austin Kleon, who has kept a daily logbook for 10 years! It’s also kind of a riff on my Grandma’s journaling practice: she’s written a couple quick lines each day about what happened that day in a basic agenda for years. She can look up events and happenings going back to when my mom was a kid, just by looking the day up in her calendar. I am so inspired by this idea, so I am starting this year following Austin’s format outlined here – complete with my own crappy doodles to accompany each bullet point! I’ve only done it for 13 days so far but it’s already so lovely to flip back and notice little details I have ALREADY forgotten. What I’m reading, eating, buying, seeing, talking about: these are things I like to remember.

Meditate every morning

I’m very proud to say that this morning was my 127th consecutive day of meditating – by far the longest streak I’ve ever had. I’m also happy to report that I’m currently consistently doing 15 minutes a day, which feels like a huge achievement after years of barely being able to sit through 5. This practice is not easy for me, and it never feels particularly rewarding in the moment, but it’s helpful in about a million ways that don’t always seem obvious at first. I’m hopeful I’ll keep it up every day for 2018, even if some days I can only squeeze in a couple of minutes.


Spend more time with my family: In 2017 we implemented a monthly famjam, which has been so wonderful. In 2018, I’m hoping to set up a weekly time to visit with my Grandma, who doesn’t live very far away from me. I’d also just like more puppy cuddles, time away from the city, walks with my mom, and dinners with my sisters.

Have a digital detox monthly: It’s so incredibly refreshing and rejuvenating for me to go off the grid, but it’s something I don’t do nearly often enough. Here’s to a monthly digital detox, for at minimum 24 hours!

Devote more time & love to cooking: For the past couple years, my at-home cooking has been relatively rushed, thrown-together, not-that-thought-out, and not-that-healthy. I want to change this! I am setting the intention to give more good vibes to my kitchen, try new things, and give myself permission to spend time making food for myself.

Make my home my happy place: It already kind of is, but there are lots of things I could do to make my home even cozier, even more me, and even more welcoming. For me this intention also means hosting people in my space more often, which always makes it feel more like a home to me.

A simple list that makes my heart happy. A lot of peace, a lot of quiet, a lot of fun, a lot of love: what more could I ask for? I know that along the way I’ll encounter amazing opportunities and probably check some things off my bucket list, but for now I’m going to let it flow instead of forcing it. Things happen when they’re meant to happen. My job is to keep showing up, keep learning, keep growing and playing and finding my center.

How about you? What do you want more of in 2018?

2018: Flow

This is my sixth time choosing a word to guide my year, and it has become one of my favourite practices for setting intentions and practicing mindfulness. Having a one-word theme really helps me make decisions, choose what to focus on, and find new ways to stretch myself in areas that might need more love or attention.

I first heard of the idea of choosing a yearly word from Elise Cripe and Ali Edwards, but it’s been fun to see how this practice has caught on more widely over the years – so much so that this year at work my boss encouraged the management team to choose a word and share it! I love hearing what my friends’ words are too, it’s such a nice way to connect with them, send them little reminders when I think of it, or help them make progress with their intentions. Choosing a word is such a fun thing to do, but it becomes more meaningful the more it’s practiced.

2018: Flow >> Life In Limbo

My word for 2018 is flow. Flowy flow flow. Like all my favourite words, this one has multiple meanings and ways I hope to apply it to my life over the next 12 months. Here are some of my favourites:

Go with the flow: Similar to last year’s “embrace the situation” intention, I want (need) to continue practicing intentional letting go of my desire to control situations or outcomes, especially when I have strong opinions on how things should play out. On the rare occasions that I am successful at this and remember to mentally release the vice grip on my desired outcome, my experience (and that of the people around me, no doubt!) is infinitely better. I feel calmer. I remember that there’s no “playbook” for how life is supposed to go. I figuratively and literally sit back in my chair a bit and remember that things will usually unfold the way they’re meant to unfold. I am not the tour guide. I am not responsible for everybody else having an optimal experience, no matter how much it feels that way sometimes.

Follow the flow: This year I also what to pay attention to what is flowing into my life easily and without much fuss, versus what seems like climbing a mountain to accomplish. As much as I can, I want to drop the things that aren’t flowing and turn towards what seems easy and light and fun in each moment. I love Jess Lively’s description of life being like a river that has a strong current. We can either let our boats be caught in the flow of the river, or we can turn around and try to paddle upstream. I often catch myself trying to force something to work when it’s clearly not working, instead of revisiting it later. Most of the time when I come back to a problem or a task, either it’s already resolved itself, I’m in a better frame of mind to handle it, or I’ve encountered new information I needed to make it work. This also means having less judgment of myself for not working “hard enough” some days or “too hard” on others. Following the flow means listening to my intuition’s messages about what comes next, without resistance. In 2018: less forcing it, more flow.

Choose flow activities: One of my book clubs recently read the book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, so I got a more in-depth look at the phenomenon of psychological flow. Flow is described as the experience of losing track of time while doing something challenging but also enriching, and the author believes it’s our most enjoyable human experience. A comparison is made between flow activities which bring true enjoyment, and non-flow activities, which bring pleasure (at a kind of neurological level), but don’t help you develop skills, strengthen your sense of self, or make you feel very connected to the world. As much as possible this year, I want to choose flow activities, which for me are reading, writing, knitting, having meaningful conversations, playing instruments, dancing, and taking photos.

2018: Flow >> Life In Limbo

Embody more flow: There are so many definitions of flow that I love, but am not sure yet how to apply to my life for 2018. One is “to hang loosely in an easy and graceful manner.”Another is a scientific term that means “to deform continuously under stress without cracking or melting.” Another is “to abound, to be available in copious quantities”. Another is “to rise and advance, as the tide.” Another is “to proceed or be produced smoothly, continuously, and effortlessly.” All of these make my heart so happy and I can think of ways they can apply to my attitude, my beliefs, my work process, my emotions, my soul. The intention here is to remember all of these beautiful definitions of flow and bring them into my world as much as I can.

Spend more time with things that flow: You guessed it, more time near – and in – the water in 2018! As I write this, Toronto is hitting record-breaking low temperatures, so the idea of being in the water is just about the last thing on my mind. But I’m such a water baby and I know how happy it makes me to go swimming, or even just watch the waves come in down by the lake. I love hot tubs and have been meaning to go to Scandinave, and how cool would it be to try a float tank this year? So fun.

I’m beyond excited for 2018. Last year was better than I ever could have imagined it to be, and I know that this year will have so much magic and abundance and light in store for me too. And flow: lots and lots of flow. Happy 2018!

PS. I would love love love to hear what your word for the year is in the comments below.

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2017 In Review

2017 In Review >> Life In Limbo

It’s a pretty special thing to reflect on a whole year in one sitting. It shows you just how fast 12 months can go by, but also reminds you of just how much can happen in a year. Doing these reviews always makes me emotional because the more I look at my calendar and remember the beautiful things I got to experience, the only things I can think to say are: “thank you”, and “how did I get so lucky?” Thank you. How did I get so lucky?

I said last year that doing year end reviews is a great reminder that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and I feel like that’s particularly true of 2017. I didn’t go many places in the world this year, so when I first sat down to do this review I wondered if I’d have anything to say about certain months. And I was right, not every month had major highlights or achievements to report, but as I looked back over my calendar and my 1SE video, I realized that I had so many beautiful, quiet, meaningful moments both my myself and with my loved ones. So, no. I didn’t travel very much in 2017 or hit any huge milestones (car/house/husband). Instead, I built a life, and that is a very large accomplishment indeed. Here are my own personal highlights from the year:


2017 In Review >> Life In Limbo

In January I went to my first Tuesdays Together meetup. I was by myself and really nervous, and the only reason I went is because it was near my sister’s apartment, so I could go see her if I needed to bail. It ended up being the very best thing I did all year: as a result I met some very dear friends and kindred spirits, have become a part of Toronto’s creative community, and feel more at home in this city. All because of one little meetup!


2017 In Review >> Life In Limbo

I attended my first Creative Mornings event, had fun coworking dates with my friends, went home to visit the puppy, and saw a bunch of live music. Actually, 2017 was kind of the year of live music, and February was where that all kicked off. I also had my last two filming days with the Red Tent Sisters, on an unseasonably warm week near the end of the month. It was so much fun to shoot some great content and have a picnic with them on the deck.


2017 In Review >> Life In Limbo

There was so much fun stuff in March, but my favourite part was helping my friend Sonja cater Sarah Slean‘s album launch party for Metaphysics. It was a dream to hear her play live with a grand piano and a string quartet from only a few feet away – and of course the food and atmosphere were incredible. Another fun highlight was seeing the Book of Mormon with my friends Laura and Mike!


2017 In Review >> Life In Limbo

I somehow got to be a part of Nurture in April, which basically cracked my whole life wide open. I met so many amazing women who I am lucky enough to now call my friends (!), helped make a lot of delicious food, got some sunshine and peace and clarity, and made an important decision that changed the rest of my year in a really positive way. There’s no other word for it besides magic. It was magic.

Oh – in April I also started taking care of Pablo the cat, who was also a very welcome addition to my life for the rest of the year! Oh – AND it was my birthday, which was a ton of fun and so special to have all my favourite people around me.


2017 In Review >> Life In Limbo

We had a birthday party for my grandma, I had my first ever tarot reading, I went to see Ira Glass perform live, I wore sandals for the first time all year, I had my friend Adrienne staying with me for a few fun days, I helped out at two live events for one of my clients, I played outside in the backyard with my mom’s dog, I wore spring jackets. I love May.


The best part of June was my Dad’s wedding to my stepmom, Took. It was such a special day and – even though I didn’t think I would – I cried throughout the entire ceremony. I made a video of the day and it’s one of my favourite things I’ve ever created because it captures so much of the love and joy of that day.

Other highlights: lots of days lounging in parks, lots of live music, lots of family time.


2017 In Review >> Life In Limbo

I went to New York City for two weeks! This was my third summer visiting my friend Katie and my favourite visit yet. We went to the Jersey Shore, hit up the jimjilbang (indistinguishable from the ones we went to in Korea), found new rooftop patio bars, ate the best-ever fish tacos, went to street festivals, read books and toured the city. My heart feels so happy in New York and with my friends who I don’t get to see very often. Such a wonderful time.


2017 In Review >> Life In Limbo

Long lazy summer days, blue skies, time outside, campfires, windows open, butterflies. I deep cleaned my apartment and finally set up my home office, walked all day at Caribana, read on my front steps, went to a solar eclipse viewing party, saw my favourite Creative Mornings talk of the year, saw Shakespeare in the Park, and did a lot of journaling. Sonja and I also went to see John Mayer (her birthday gift to me) outside at the Budweiser stage after a day at the CNE – the absolute perfect end to summer.


2017 In Review >> Life In Limbo

There were a lot of fun events this month! I went to see Lady Gaga, and then the girls from My Favourite Murder with my friend Emily. I went to see an amazing documentary about The Avett Brothers with Sonja. I attended my first-ever Roncesvalles Polish Festival (the event of the year in this neighbourhood). I went up to the cottage with Laura and Mike for the third year in a row. I also volunteered at the hilarious but interesting Archangel Summit, where I got to hear Simon Sinek, Danielle Laporte, Shefali Tsabary, and others speak.


2017 In Review >> Life In Limbo

Nurture launched Harvest Table Dinners and we held the first one on October 1st! It was such a fun event with so many friendly faces and delicious food, and such a surreal way to celebrate my one-year anniversary of living in Toronto. Little did I know on that first night in 2016 that one year later I’d be having an amazing meal with the beautiful souls that I’d gotten to know.

In October I also had the very last patio drinks of the season, and went to my first family pumpkin carving day (I’d missed the last few years of this tradition!).


2017 In Review >> Life In Limbo

Katie came to visit for the first time since I officially moved to Toronto! It was so much fun to have her in my home and my neighbourhood, show her some of my favourite spots, introduce her to my Toronto friends, and tour (a lot of) Toronto’s historical houses. We also had kickass eggplant sandwiches, which warrant a mention here. In November we also had a sushi extravaganza with the whole family for my mom’s birthday, which was so much fun.


2017 In Review >> Life In Limbo

A beautiful month full of book clubs, dinners, kitty cuddles, work projects, twinkle lights, parties, crafts, candles, and family time. I helped my friend Brittney on a fun (but strenuous) interior design job which added some variety to my days. I got to go to some fun holiday parties wearing fun holiday sparkles. And I got to spend Christmas with my family and our dogs. What could be better than that?

Firsts of 2017

My friend Laura introduced this idea to me last year and I think it’s such a fun way to sum up some of the smaller aspects of the year that might not have otherwise made the highlight reel. Here are a few of my favourites:

  • First Tuesdays Together meetup
  • First Creative Mornings event
  • First time trying caponata, first time trying labneh, first time trying fennel
  • First time getting a promotion!
  • First time trying Ethiopian food
  • First tarot reading
  • First blind internet date
  • First time discontinuing work with clients I didn’t like
  • First time having friends stay at my apartment in Toronto
  • First time seeing a feminist comedy show
  • First book signing (with Jen Sincero!)
  • First time watching a solar eclipse
  • First time seeing a movie at my neighbourhood theatre
  • First time having a cat!
  • First time seeing Caribana
  • First time doing NaBloPoMo

2017 By the Numbers

  • 75 books read
  • 89 blog posts written
  • 107 Instagram posts
  • 257 days of morning meditation

Goals & Intentions

It’s nice to revisit my goals & intentions post from last year and realize that I still resonate with so much of what I wrote. I hadn’t even really remembered what I wrote, but (since writing things down is magic), it turned out that unplugging often, embracing the moment, and celebrating the everyday were very much my themes this year.

1. Read 75 books  

“How much happier I would have been to know that reading was itself a passion. Nobody treated it that way, and it didn’t occur to me to think otherwise.” -Pamela Paul, My Life With Bob

2017 In Review >> Life In Limbo

This is still my favourite goal, habit and practice all rolled into one. 2017 was the year that I really deepened my relationship with reading, partly thanks to reading My Life With Bob, and since I realized that reading is a form of flow and meditation. You can see everything I read in 2017 here.

2. Film 1 Second Everyday 

Yay! I’m so happy to say that 2017 was the first year that I made a complete year of 1SE. There were definitely days I missed, but I just went back in and added a clip of something that was likely to have been happening that day. Such a simple project, but it really gives such a cool recap of the full year. This year flew, but it’s cool to see a tiny slice of every single day, even (especially) the ones that I might not remember otherwise.

My Word of the Year: Embrace

Like most years that I choose a word, I could have been more intentional about embrace in 2017. That said, unlike some years, this word actually stayed with me the whole year, mostly in the back of my mind and sometimes on Instagram. I revisited my intention-setting post for this word and I do think there are ways that I embodied the word embrace throughout the year. I really embraced the people around me this year: I spent more time with family, I made lots of new friends, and I became part of more than one community here in Toronto. I also think I embraced my everyday pretty well – documenting 1SE helped, as did trying out NaBloPoMo this year. I also embraced my apartment and worked to make it a home by decorating, rearranging, styling, cozy-fying and inviting friends over. All in all, it was a great word and it served me well! I’m excited to choose a new theme for 2018.

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