February Goals

Here are my humble goals for February!

In February, I want to reach out to others. I want to initiate plans with my friends, especially the ones I don’t see very often. I want to try new recipes (baking and cooking!) and share the results. I’m continuing to plan my trip and trying to deal with all that comes with it, so I need to remind myself to be big and brave. I want to kickstart my creative life again, so I’ll be choosing to read books about creativity and doing my 750 Words every morning! Also, I want to hone in on my “be kind” goal from January and break it down to listening carefully, attentively, being fully present.

And how did my January goals go? Not bad, all things considered! I started to purge old, useless things I have around my house. I purged my hair (yay, short again!) and I love the result. I did a pretty good job of finding everyday beauty. The winter weather got me down a few times (when it was -42, for example, or when the entirety of downtown Montreal flooded – yes, literally flooded) but all in all I kept a grim smile on my face as much as possible. Even just recognizing how much I hate winter weather was enough to help me hate it a little less. Does that make sense? I did a fairly pathetic job of exercising at home (but did get very excited for the running season) – only a few sessions of yoga. Those were peaceful, at least. I did a pretty decent job of choosing reading, although many days I specifically chose not to read and watch crappy TV instead. At least I made a conscious choice at the time, even though in retrospect I wish I’d read instead! And finally: being kind. This is ongoing. I try. It sometimes slips my mind and I say something thoughtlessly, or am not as generous as I’d like, or am late for a rendez-vous. But it’s a process, and I try.

So far, I love this format of setting goals by the month. It really helps me re-adjust and refine my focus depending on what’s on my mind right now! Awesome.

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