January Goals

Keeping things super simple for January. As much as I love that this month feels like a fresh start, I also *strongly dislike* the weather (slush, snow, grey skies) that is so common at this time of year, especially in Montreal. So for January I decided to “reach deep” and try to stay positive during this month that can be trying at times (like earlier today, when I got splashed head to foot with slush by a car).

This month, I’ll be looking out for the beauty in the everyday, and sharing the photos on Instagram with the hashtag #everydaybeauty. My intention to not let the winter weather upset me is going to be put into practice with smiles, good music in my ears during wintery walks, and always dressing for the weather.  I want to create a simple practice of exercising at home, probably some combination of basics (pushups, situps, etc) and yoga. I have an urge to purge the junky stuff that I don’t need from my apartment, and get rid of all those pesky email newsletters! When in doubt, I want to choose to read over being on Facebook or Pinterest. And above all, I want to be kind. I want to forge stronger, lighter, happier connections with the people I love, do the right thing, and bite my tongue if I need to.

See? Simple. If they’re easy, though, is another story. Here goes nothing, January!

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