21 Favourite Moments


I love love love looking back on the year. At the risk of sounding totally sappy (as per usual), it makes me feel all warm and happy inside to remember all the small, hilarious, lovely moments that make up my life. There are lots of things that didn’t make this list, since 21 is such a small number, really. I was really happy this year. I created habits that I really love, and learned more about what makes me smile. I can’t wait to see what 22 will bring. Here are my 21 fave moments from my 21st year!

driving around the suburbs in Ottawa singing (Livin’ on a Prayer, etc) at the top of our lungs with my best friends

spending oodles of time on the roof

the entire nerve-wracking, stressful, yet confidence-boosting process of becoming a waitress

the day at the market when we befriended Lino the twinkly-eyed, white-haired gardener and brought a tomato plant home


stumbling onto that L’été Corona rooftop hotel party

helping to move my little sister into her new house and getting up to shenanigans with my family


when dusk hit at Diner en Blanc, and the lights were twinkling everywhere

The Christmas Party

eating a kougin amann on a cold, grey day with the windows fogged up around us


the Colour Run

weekly girls/Girls nights

the whole night that I made that boy that cake

each and every time I burst into a grin while running

all those impromptu dance parties with my friends in the living room


having that crazy fruit photoshoot

all the moments of the visits from my Dad, my Mom, and my friends this year


the first time I took that chive X bread out of the oven

the first day this Spring that it was sunny and 8 degrees


that perfect afternoon at Tam Tams in the park

that day we spent flitting from patio to patio, from Old Port to the Plateau, eating and drinking and laughing


going out for bibimbap and on the way home buying an enormous winter melon for no reason

I’m so blessed and happy and lucky. This year contained about a million learning experiences and its fair share of totally sad or scary days, but I get by with a little help from my friends, my family, and me myself and I. xo.

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