Today I turned 22.

I have had such a lovely weekend. I’ve seen so many great people, heard from so many people I care about, and had a few nice surprises. A few: claiming balloons left behind at work, a rose-petalled-covered cake, getting an *adorable* home movie of my sisters singing me “22” and then being hilarious, getting a paper done in a short burst of productivity this afternoon, receiving some sweet cards with sweet words.

If you’re lucky and you know it, clap your hands. (I’m clapping).

It was a wonderfully low-key, perfect birthday filled with all the things one needs.

I realized today that I didn’t make it to the end of my 22 before 22 list, but I’m okay with it. The point of those lists is always to push me to try new things and challenge myself, and I did that a few times over this past year. Most of the things I didn’t get done are things that I sort of chose arbitrarily. But the things I did get done – most of them are really important to me. The book club, the podcast(s), being a penpal, running a race, even making sushi – those were all great experiences that stand out to me from this past year. I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to make a 23 before 23 list (spoiler alert: PROBABLY), but if/when I do it’s going to include more of those kinds of creative projects, more things that bring me closer to other people, more trying new experiences that seem impossible.

I watched this TED Talk today that just perfectly sums up the sort of attitude I’m trying to cultivate in my every day life. Going into 22 I want to be more grateful, and less bitter or angry. I want to complain less. I want to be more generous – not just with money, but with love and patience and understanding. I want to be more clear about what I need, and be more direct with people. I want to pay attention. I want to be better, I always want to be better.

I also want to read more (always) and run more and talk to my family more and take more photos and see new places and be more inspired and laugh a lot. All these things are possible!

Thankful, as always, to have a place to just be myself and share my thoughts. Merci. Je vous aime.

5 thoughts on “22”

  1. Hellooooo! I want to wish you a slightly belated happy birthday ^______^! It’s so lovely to hear that you had such a perfect birthday :)

    I’ve been shadowing your blog for a fair few months now and this seems like the best opportunity to let you know how wonderful I think you and your blog are! A procrastinatory clicking spree brought me here and your life philosophy has coerced me into staying :P Your blog has quickly become my daily go-to positivity-fountain. I think your to-do lists and the way you focus on them is incredible: the yearly lists and monthly focuses – I have no idea how you manage to keep them in the forefront of your mind. Sigh I have more to say but now that I’ve actually come to commenting, it feels rather like I’m trying to pen a love letter and it’s all coming out rather ineloquently. The video you posted was very interesting – let’s just say I may comment again in 21 days ;). It’s weird to imagine that there will likely be a future, perhaps 100 years from now, where the world will assign the same importance to mental health and wellbeing as they do to physical health and exercise.

    Anyway, I hope to comment more in the future! Either way, thank you for having me in your virtual home and always, thank you for blogging and sharing! If you ever visit England…!

    1. Stephanie Pellett

      Hi leafy –

      Thanks for the birthday wishes! And it’s nice to hear you like the blog. I love writing it, and it’s always great to hear back from people who enjoy visiting my site. :) It was great to get your comment!

    1. Stephanie Pellett

      Thanks for the head’s up about the about page – all fixed now! And I’ll look into Maslow’s work – I’m sure I’ve learned about him in my classes actually but can’t remember right at the minute. :)

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