March Goals

whoa girl. My goals (slash focuses slash intentions) for this month came together practically faster than I could type. February seemed like a total whirlwind of snow and grey skies and a lot of homework and I think I just knew what I need from March. I want to stop letting stress get the best of me, I want to lock down my self-control, I want to start running again (!!!), I want to read more than I’ve been letting myself read lately, I want to take care of my body (dealing with a cold right now and honey it ain’t fun), I want to be outside on mild days in my new spring jacket, I want to get rid of more stuff out of my apartment, I want to take photos. (I wanna, I’m gonna).

How did my February goals go? Not bad, not bad. I failed pretty miserably at doing my morning page (I think I maybe did 9 days this month, tops) and yet I was really good at writing things out to work it out. Listening carefully remains on my mind – I hope I’m getting better at it. Having Kyle here was a hilarious reminder of this goal, we were constantly trying not to talk too much and listen to the other person (much love bro). I think we’ve solidified Girls night on Wednesdays, so that’s a plan I look forward to (because I get to see the moustache mug girl more often than in previous semesters), but I felt so stressed in February that making other plans was not a strong point. I didn’t choose reading. FOR SHAME. Okay. I did try new recipes (namely bibimbap and Korean-style potatoes) and they were amazing! Definitely will make again. And I think, I think I was brave this month. In some small ways.

I’m so excited for March (even though it will be busy and stressful). Bring it on.

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