Hot Toddies

DSC_0072Dude, it’s so damp here. And so overcast. These are a few of my least favourite things. There are these huge moats that surround every street corner? I don’t even know how best to describe it. Every time I try to go around one by walking on the parts where it’s super snowy but not yet slushy, the only thing I can think is “I’m making it worse! Soon there will be nowhere dry(ish) left to walk!” (Irrationality sometimes takes over. Sometimes you just have to let it happen.)

The past few days have been #dark, for reasons beyond it just literally being dark all the time. I won’t get all up into it here, but suffice to say things got weird, and sad. My midterm today (replete with more than a few answers I was sadly unsure of) was the icing on the cake and all this is to say that I believe a hot toddy is in order for myself, and for yourself.


Do you know what a hot toddy is? Despite being the fodder for a hilariously awful but catchy song by Usher and Jay Z (go, go now), it’s also a delicious alcoholic beverage! It combines all things that are good, and is basically just a really good excuse to spike your evening cuppa tea.

There are approximately one million hot toddy “recipes” on the internet, but so far I’ve loosely followed this one. Perhaps at some point in the future I’ll make one with lavender syrup or hibiscus blossoms or whatever the heck Martha Stewart is recommending that week, but for now this simple combo is working out well for me.

  1. Coat the bottom of a glass with honey
  2. Brew your favourite type of tea (I used Earl Grey)
  3. Pour a shot of rum, or brandy, or whiskey over the honey
  4. Add the tea up to the brim
  5. Squeeze in some fresh lemon juice and leave a lemon wedge all up in there
  6. Serve to happy people with moustache mugs (see Fig. 1)
Figure 1
Figure 1

This is far and away my favourite alcoholic drink for the dreary winter months. That is not to say that I have any other favourite drinks, for any months, but however, this is still my favourite. #YOLO!

Okay going to go fix myself a hot toddy and stare listlessly out at the frozen tundra. Just kidding! Instead I think I’ll watch this show Enlightened that I’m really into right now.

(But seriously, just listen to this song.) Kthanksbye!

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