The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Life lately has been filled with so many splendid things. The boyfriend came to town for a short but lovely visit, bringing along a massive box for yours truly! (Inside was an ice cream maker – I’d jokingly asked for it in an article here, but didn’t expect to actually receive it! Very sweet.)

We spent the time that he was here spending some quality time together, decorating cookies, doing a little holiday shopping, exchanging gifts, sleeping in, and going to a really fun dinner with my sisters + their boyfriends too! That was fun, and we got to play some poker and Trivial Pursuit after as well. Cute.

In my spare time, I’ve been working on a holiday minibook (along the same lines of the beautiful one by Elise Joy) – pictures to follow. I’ve been diligently filling out my 2012 Goddess Workbook and am really starting to get clear on my goals and ambitions for 2012. Exciting! I’m also finally finishing up reading The Artist’s Way and reading The Beauty of Humanity Movement as well.

On Tuesday, I successfully passed my G test! For those of you who aren’t Ontario residents, basically all it means is that I never have to take a driving test again! I passed on the first time after weeks months of worrying, and it felt like a huge victory!

I’ve also had a doctor’s + dentist’s appointment (can you say painful teeth cleaning?), gotten to go to a lovely high school holiday concert, been to a reunion of old Chapters work friends, and spent more than enough time playing with kitties.

We made latkes tonight, and if anyone is looking for a good recipe, this one is quite delicious! We topped ours with Greek yogurt and applesauce, and it was a yummy way to celebrate a little bit of Hanukkah. I have so many Jewish friends these days, it just felt right!

How is your winter break so far?

Happy Christmas Eve eve!

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