Everyday Beauty: Weeks 7-10









I’m alive! And I feel really alive. It’s 7:11PM, and mark my words, it’s still sort of light out!  Thrilling. There’s nothing that makes me feel more alive than long, bright days (see also: I am moving to California at some point).

I’m on the train on the way back to school, and it took me all week but I’m finally not feeling all stuffed up and headachey and exhausted. I had a lot of fresh air, a lot of hugs, a lot of sleep, a lot of visits with people I love, a lot of good food, a lot of vitamins and exercise. I did not have a lot of productivity, and I did not do a lot of TV watching or taking photos or cooking or blogging or reading or schoolwork. Oops. Honestly, though? I think I needed the break. Ya, I’m feeling kind of guilty for not doing more homework, but I’ve got to emerge from this final semester with my sanity and health intact. It’s the final push! I have 50 some odd days until I’m done my undergraduate degree, meaning this was my last possible opportunity to take a break. Glad I did. #noregrets

Saying goodbye to my family was weird this time, because I couldn’t help but think (and say) “the next time I’ll see you will be at my graduation ceremony!” Oy vey. Have I ever mentioned before that I’ve always only pictured my life up until university graduation?Let’s not get into that now, I’m working on breaaathingggg.

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