Inspiration | September 19


I mentioned it in yesterday’s post, but I loved this short video about productive morning rituals. It inspired me to make a few changes this week.

This post made me feel feelings about life and home and family.

Meal-prep inspiration from Shutterbean! I also spent a long time on her Instagram hashtag #shutterbeandinner this week. Love it.

I signed up for the Braid Creative newsletter called Letters For Creatives after listening to Elise’s podcast interview with Kathleen.

If I was settling into an apartment right now, I’d be excited about these 37 cheap ways to make your Ikea stuff look good. For the record though? I’m actually really grateful I’m having adventures and not settling into an apartment right now. Still, they’re great ideas!

I went on a research SPREE this week regarding South East Asia. I use the term “research” lightly, because I was basically reading about awesome places and looking at beautiful photos and getting myself so excited for the next chapter in my life after my time in Korea. I spent a ton of time on That Backpacker – I particularly loved this article about Audrey’s favourite places in South East Asia, but she has so many inspiring posts. Go get sucked in the way I was!

I’ll be slowly adding a few more things to my travel photography shop over the next couple of weeks – including some photos from Japan! – so if you’re interested head over and have a look!


This weekend, my friends and I are heading to a nearby (bus-accessible) island to catch some rays and see some beautiful natural sights. I’m looking forward to exploring and relaxing. As always, you can follow along with me on Instagram @lifeinlimboblog. I hope you have a great weekend too!

2 thoughts on “Inspiration | September 19”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Steph! I hope those SE Asia plans are coming along well. There are so many great destinations there – it’s a whole new world of travel possibilities. :)

    1. stephaniepellett

      You’re so welcome! Sorry for the absurdly late reply on this comment, but I appreciate it. Your site is such a resource. :) I’m so excited for all the travel that awaits!

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