Inspiration: October 4

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Inspiration: October 4 >> Life In Limbo

“Inclusion is not about everyone feeling comfortable; it is more accurate to think of it as the redistribution of discomfort.” Mic drop.

An essential part of the creative process is the thrashing. I loved this episode of Before Breakfast encouraging us to embrace the thrash.

Thoughts on catching emotional colds. I feel like this happens to me a lot!

I loved this roundup of fun activities to do this fall in Toronto. You may not live here, but chances are that your city’s local magazine just released some similar articles! Go find for inspiration!

Down-to-earth advice about making simple but delicious food, eating more vegetables, using up loose ends, and throwing dinner parties.

I’m doing Do You 10Q? again this year and while I basically NEVER want to write my answers each day (I just caught up on 5 days’ worth at once), I cried when I received my 2018 answers by email last week so I’d say it’s worth it. Each day for 10 days you reflect on the past year, and next year you’ll get all your answers back. It’s a beautiful practice based on the traditions of the Jewish High Holy Days.

I recently got into The Good Place and have been watching it non-stop. I initially hated it, but then fell in love with the characters & the writing.

This week’s blog posts: Supercharge Your Gratitude, The Work Works, Sleepy Head, Know Your Limits, Back on the HorseTake Small Steps, Avoid Big Drama, and The New Normal.

Woof it’s been a busy couple weeks! I was the maid of honour at a my friends’ wedding, and then I got some kind of food poisoning, plus a busy week of work and here I am! I am feeling a lot better today, but definitely pooped from all the activity. This weekend I am doing a mini retreat with two of my closest friends and I’m excited to dive deep with them into some of the sticky areas of my life and business. I also hope to do some reading (am LOVING this one so far) and recalibrating my nervous system. Wish me luck! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

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