Inspiration: October 18

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Inspiration: October 18 >> Life In Limbo

The folks at Wandering Aimfully are always so generous with their content. I thought this article about marketing blueprints was so genius and helpful.

I love the way Amy Lynn Andrews does business, and was so impressed by this article where she shares how 2019 has been a lower-revenue year and how she’s handled it. So thoughtful & useful. Minimalist business ftw!

I’ve been loving Matt D’Avella’s Youtube channel lately, and particularly liked this video on his experiment with digital minimalism.

I was such a huge fan of The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller, which I finished this week. Her second book, Circe, was also one of the best books I read this year. I cannot wait for her next!

On that note, for anyone who tells me that they don’t like reading, I plan to direct them to this post.

I just installed this browser extension, which promises to show less biased search results. Their concept is so awesome, and their intro video makes it so clear as to why this is an issue.

I am always inspired by the process of voting. I never take this important right for granted! If you’re a Canadian, have you made your plan to vote on October 21st yet? It’s so easy. Go here to figure out where and when you’ll cast your vote.

This week’s blog posts: Out of Office, Modern Medicine, and Procrastineverything. You’ll notice that I abandoned the addition of photos because I just didn’t have the bandwidth. I’m sort of fascinated by this change! I may blog about it.

Another week of feeling not my best: I caught a cold last weekend and have been dealing with it all week. It’s on its way out, but I am definitely motivated to build up my immune system so this doesn’t keep happening to me! I never used to get sick and I know this uptick is probably the result of stress and not taking good enough care of myself. Time for that to change! This weekend I plan to rest up, sleep a lot, read a lot, and be HOME in my apartment for the first time in several weekends in a row. I can’t wait. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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