Inspiration | November 7

Inspiration November 7

I had a few different obsessions this week. One of them was itinerary ideas for a 2-month-ish trips to South East Asia, which was so fun to research. This article was awesome, although I probably wouldn’t follow his recommendations to a T. This other great article gave more flexible suggestions and lots of practical information.

Of course if I’m back on trip planning, I have my spreadsheet started and my packing list on the go (another of this week’s obsessions). I really liked this packing list for a round-the-world trip, and this one for digital nomads. This one was awesome too (and very detailed).

I think momondo is my new favourite website for finding cheap, short flights.

Since I live in Korea and see couples in matching outfits all the time, I thought this video explaining the phenomenon was fascinating and really well done.

The new A Beautiful Mess shop is so cool! I love all their new products.

I would love some squash toasts right about now.

This article about being a tourist in North Korea was fascinating.

I picked up some interesting ideas from this mini tutorial about editing photos on your phone.

I was strongly considering doing the teaching assistant program in France this week, and this blog post was quite a help while I was researching the whole thing. As it stands now, I don’t think I’ll do the program (though still may move to France!) but the article was helpful anyways.


There are so many exciting things on the horizon it’s hard to keep them all straight in my head. As my mom says, I have a hamster brain at the moment, the wheels are always turning a thousand times a minute and new ideas are popping in all the time. It’s crazy how quickly I am running through things and switching off from one thing to the next. I’m excited it’s Friday. I’m happy for the weekend. Have an amazing one yourself!