Inspiration | November 20

What a gorgeous idea: a Thanksgiving Reader full of ideas for gratitude and appreciation, to be read around the table at your family’s celebration. Read more about it here or download it for free here.

I found a lot of fresh ideas in this post about habits for healthy relationships.

Barbie put a boy in an ad for the very first time! He’s adorable, and moreover, it’s awesome to have some more different kinds of representation happening.

In response to the tragic events all around the world this past week: How to Stay Optimistic When Everything Feels Horrible. Great advice in here.

From the same blog, another great post: How to Chase Your Dreams (without hating your life).

I’ve been so enjoying a couple new podcasts: Women of the Hour with Lena Dunham and Hidden Brain from NPR.

I’m trying this new thing on Instagram where I unfollow almost everyone – my goal is to get down to only 100. The reasons are twofold: to spend less time checking Instagram overall, and to only follow accounts I really like. So far it’s been going so well – less time spent on my phone, less time scrolling quickly past photos to make sure I see “everything I missed”, more peace of mind. Oh and I never miss any posts from the accounts I really like because my feed was clogged with yet another photo of a mountain from one of those travel photography accounts or a delicately placed coffee cup from one of those lifestyle accounts. Win-win-win.

Delicious things I baked this week: sticky buns and chocolate banana bread.


This week went by in a blink! I was feeling under the weather for part of it, but I still had some lovely walks outside, a chat with one of my sweet Grandmas, time to read, a recording session with my fave podcast partner, a work meeting and a chance to bake delicious new recipes. Overall, I’d say that this week was a big success. This weekend we’re teaching yoga in the park, driving out to see some of Paulo’s family, and participating in another one of those horse parades in a small town nearby! Wish me luck. Hope you have a fabulous weekend! xo.

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