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Inspiration November 14 >> Life In Limbo

I was super inspired by this post and the accompanying podcast episode about learning to love the middle of things.

How obsessed with Serial am I? Well now I listen to a podcast about Serial. And I listened to an episode of The Gist that had an interview with Sarah. And I read the Reddit threads sometimes (one of the rare times I’ve willingly read a Reddit thread in my life). And my friends and I discuss each episode at length every time it comes out. It’s such a good show, such great storytelling, such a fascinating story.

I love this idea of seeing a long-term blog as a practice that you keep. My blog has shifted its focus and style over time, but throughout it’s always been a place for me to experiment, try new things, practice. It was a good reminder that I can be flexible with this medium I love so dearly.

I found myself back on How Sweet Eats this week, and subsequently pinned like crazy. I especially like this post of 20 weeks of dinners.

There’s a new season of City Ballet!! Yes, I watched it in its entirety. I find ballet totally fascinating. Also ballet-related: Ballet 422.

I liked this article about Taylor Swift’s new video. Here’s another that ties in some of the history of calling women crazy.

The Girls Season 4 Trailer!!!


And with that, another week has flown by! Life is so good these days, and I just feel happy. The future is uncertain, but my latest mantra is “all good things”. What’s coming next can be scary because it’s uncertain, but all the things I’m deciding between or figuring out? They’re all good things. I’m lucky. (Did I mention that my mom is visiting in less than 2 weeks?!) This weekend I’m thinking about taking it easy, maybe doing a hike, and relaxing. Have a wonderful one.

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