Inspiration | November 13

We started watching Master of None this week just like the rest of the world and are loving it. I also really resonated with this article that Aziz Ansari wrote about race and acting, and his Facebook post about how his father took time off to act in the show.

I find Cheryl Strayed endlessly inspiring, and this interview with her on the Longform Podcast was particularly good.

Wonderful advice on cooking and life in just six words.

Want more energy? Cut the drama. (Also, just follow Elizabeth Gilbert on Facebook for 100% more wisdom and kindness and authenticity in your Newsfeed).

It’s an endless struggle, but it’s important to remember that right now is the most important moment.

“Every piece of art I’ve ever made was because I saw bad and could do better, or saw great and needed to catch up.” Problems of output are problems of input.

I started reading Middlesex this week and am so enjoying it. Excellent!

We should all be trying to appreciate our lives.

Who wants pumpkin pie in a mug??? (All of us. Everyone.)

I’m taking this Skillshare class on Creative Nonfiction Writing and it’s really good. My notes are copious. I should be writing instead, but hey.


I had a great week. I’m so enjoying my online work and teaching yoga classes, and of course eating solid food again. I feel connected to my loved ones and am remembering to step away from my computer to go for walks or adventures. We had two awesome adventures this week: a daytrip to Quilotoa, a lake inside the crater of a volcano, and we went to the Ecuador vs. Uruguay World Cup qualifier game and Ecuador won! This weekend we’re doing yoga in the park and relaxing big time. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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