Inspiration: May 4

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You’ve got to find something more interesting than your phone. Amen. I really liked this whole interview.

The case for having six seasons instead of only four!

So far I haven’t had much luck finding the specific quotes I was looking for, but how ridiculously cool is the Google Talk to Books app?!

I always love the book lists from The What, because they read all of the ones they recommend and many more to choose their favourites. Here’s their best fiction for Spring 2018.

I cried on the subway platform listening to this episode of The Daily about the potential reunification of the Korean peninsula and its implications for so many fractured families.

This week I started trying out the simple journalling app Daylio. It reminds you to check in and tell it your mood and what activities you’ve been up to leading up to this moment. Then it can start to point out trends! Definitely interesting and pretty fun.

In case you missed it: I launched my new podcast this week! Take a listen to the introduction episode here. New episodes coming every Tuesday!

I’m feeling particularly frazzled as I write this, but it was a wonderful week overall! Lots of sunshine and being outside, which I desperately needed after so many long months of cold and rain and snow. I am so happy to be able to sit on a patio again and leave the house without a coat on! Work is busy but lots of fun things are happening, which I am grateful for. Looking forward to a fun and relaxing weekend ahead. Can’t wait! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

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